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  1. Tek Doors/Gates Access

    Tek is the pinnacle of what humanity can accomplish, why is it unable to distinguish between allies and foes? Add an option to Tek Doors and Gates to 'allow allies', or give us an option to set a list of trusted players on gates. PINs for automatic doors just feel clunky. If a dinosaur can figure out it is allowed to eat from a specific trough owned by an ally, and turrets can be programmed to ignore allies, I don't see the disconnect. The gates already say 'Allow Authorized Players', so there's no reason not to allow authorization to be given. Perhaps set an option for tribe-only, authorized players or allies (the former for a list that must be maintained, the latter linked to the alliance system), and all players (for those generous enough to create noob shelters on PvE.). Thanks for your time.
  2. On PvE servers there is tech in place preventing other tribes from damaging or killing your knock-out tame once it is down. What is the reasoning behind not implementing the same tech on passive tames once the first feeding is in and it is 'claimed' for your tribe to tame? I get that passive tames are meant to reset from damage as that scares them, but on PvE that is implied that the environment is the only thing to worry about. I'm getting sick of Chinese tribes on ravagers killing off our high end charge pet tames 1-2 feedings away just because they can. At the very least they should have to kite something wild to it (the same way they do downed tames, new players, closed bases...you get the picture). Just curious what the reasoning is behind it.
  3. Trading forum is dead

    Truth be told I think a lot of the death of the forums is people trading with repeat-buyers. We've all started getting our reliable customers/trade partners and we contact them before posting anything directly because we already have good trade relationships in both directions. We end up trading everything before we have new things to put up for sale!
  4. @Jat @Jen is there any word on what's going on? It's been 48 hours now stranded...timers are still ticking on bases with no one to come feed the tames. If I knew where the obelisk power supply was I'd just turn it off and back on again, but that's not happening.
  5. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    While that is a tough pill to swallow, that's better than the alternative. Thank you for the information there! While I'm keeping my fingers crossed for further change, that's fair. I just hope there's a middle ground somewhere that would allow for a permanently airborne traveling blueprint shop or other ridiculous but interesting applications. Thank you, also, for looking into Wyvern bites at the very least consuming less stamina. Nothing more saddening than your flying, fire-breathing lizard being unable to chomp into a Deathworm without having to back off and flee mid-fight every time. I also greatly appreciate considering a way to apply the old wasted points in speed for purposes of base level calculations - 190 eggs were hard to find, and invalidating all of that effort was really disheartening. And thanks for the information on the "combined" UI option! That will no doubt make things much easier.
  6. Can confirm - xfers are still down to and from 327, 328, and 329. I was thankfully able to get a noob on my home server and download everything to give to a tribemate there. What's really irksome is that nobody is talking about this - I'm lucky enough to have tribemates that were on the Center for a trade or sitting on SE when the errors started so my timers are fine and everything is being fed...not everyone is.
  7. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Thank you for taking the time to read through everything. I know it must be rough sifting through all of the criticisms for such a widely reviled patch. I have a few things I'd like to put up for your consideration (that I tried to get into Jat's thread and missed by minutes). I think a lot of this would go a long way to helping, and while it isn't numbers specifically, it's changes nonetheless that I think would be potentially beneficial. As Zederia so eloquently stated in the first reply in Jat's thread - please stick to the dossiers! My disappointment with the flavor/lore not matching actual mechanics is immense, and has been since the Titanosaur. Quetz "never landing" was achievable through stamina regen mechanics. Keep the slower regen in place (or even reduce it to be on par with a cliff-mounted Tapejara!) when dismounted, making meaningful decisions over whether you want to risk it on the ground OR hover for a longer time. In a game about risk assessment and management, making this kind of decision adds to gameplay. Realistically the drain should at the very least allow Stamina to stop being consumed when you're only hovering dismounted - not moving. Ptera and Argents should also be sticking to their roots as scout and transport respectively. If you really want to shake things up, put the same stipulations on Pteras in PvP that there are in PvE - it can only carry friendly tribemates (possibly extend to allies in both cases, as well!). I would also allow for Argents to get up to 220% speed again, but make the gains small. This gives people a chance to steal Wyvern eggs without importing tames from another server if you're willing to put in the time and effort. Consider re-introducing the ability to get an imprint bonus to speed - that was one of the nicest parts of an otherwise punishing imprint process (looking at you, Quetz). Wyverns should be able to slightly outpace their wild counterparts once tamed. We train them as we level them, no? Up their stamina again somewhat but increase elemental breath cost if you must - it just doesn't really make sense to me why, running on the ground, I am unable to bite more than 8 times without being completely exhausted. While we're at it, let's get wyvern AI pathing when set to follow sorted as well (and the "Stay grounded" follow option for all flyers, please!) I know this next one sounds weird, but hear me out. Consider re-introducing wasted points on existing tames. I admit to knowing nothing about actual code, but wouldn't it be possible to prevent new tames from having Speed points applied without disallowing existing ones from benefiting? It's true - it doesn't bestow actual stats - but when you are allowed to take these creatures up against the Manticore that throws torpor-balls at you, those wasted points can help you out without making your players re-imprint new Wyverns that fall in line with the new world order. It would go a long way to make people happier again with no real effort, letting their base 190 Wyvern pre-nerf maintain the same torpor value and max level potential. In the vein of doing something small that will help heaps, either refund ALL points previously allocated in flyers, or allow the use of Mindwipe Tonic on flyers in a hotfix until the next major version. This will let everyone decide how they would like to play with the numbers on their existing tames to exist happier under this new world order. Overall, I think a better approach is to simply buff land dinos and improve their pathing/follow AI to make them comparable in desirability to flyers, but I digress. Unrelated to the flyer nerf but something I have heard echoed from my own tribemates in the discussion to find a new game - apparently the current text is causing some people severe headaches where the older text was not. One contributing factor to them not playing is the poor color contrast between some of the various blues and this new text actually causing them pain...nobody should be required to pop Advil to play a game. Is there any chance this could be reverted or have a tickbox of some type in the settings to alter it? It would also be cool to have a "combined" option to view Engrams+Inventory in a crafting station like the older interface had instead of requiring they be split up as they currently are. An opacity slider for the hotbar would be appreciated as well, along with the menus not changing shades when utilizing gamma adjustment! Thank you for your time!
  8. Transfers Down?

    It is an attempt to transfer off one of those, yes. I guess I need to roll a nooby somewhere safe and download everything so it isn't lost. My character is sitting just fine and dandy, I couldn't upload him to begin with. Guess I'll just camp here and let my tribemates handle affairs on SE until it's sorted. Thank you!
  9. Transfers Down?

    Title asks it all - I'm stranded trying to get back to SE from the Island (Official) and unable to upload myself or access the ARK inventory. Can't upload, can't see what is already in there with a countdown ticking. Is anyone else experiencing these issues right now? Has there been any official word? I've searched all over and can't find anything.
  10. Angler Egg Too Cold!

    Incubating angler eggs are all popping up and showing that they are too cold, then rapidly deteriorate their health. I thought that aquatic eggs had no need for temperature control?
  11. At the very very top of the inventory, there is an option to switch between Inventory view and crafting view, much how player inventories swap between Craftables and Inventory. It's a big folder-like tab above the row of smaller buttons.
  12. Everything You Want To Know About v256!

    Really loving that wyverns we have now are possibly lower level than they were hatched. This is ridiculous. "Wasted points" don't redistribute to anywhere else.
  13. Stats for Thorny Dragon

    Which platform are you on? I'd love to potentially trade sometime if you're on PC!
  14. Stats for Thorny Dragon

    Currently my best stats (pre-imprint, of course) are: H: 2392.1 S: 1575 O: 690 F: 6762 W: 522 M: 352.7 Always looking to improve on that if anyone is looking to trade.
  15. The Pelagornis !?!

    I admit the Pelagornis isn't for everyone, but we really enjoy ours: We do a lot in the water, so having a mount we can fly in and land in a water pen and dismount directly into the water is phenomenal. Swim back up under it, mount, and leave. I've used it to kill Alpha Raptors in a pinch. No joke. Granted, finding one with 404 base melee has helped tremendously with that. They do gather Organic ridiculously well. I can't deny that the mantis on SE are faster, but you don't have to transfer back and forth to capitalize if you just need enough to make up a set of Ghillie or something. They look great in Cherry Red. Supposedly, we'll eventually be able to use fishing rods off of their backs. Their maneuverability will make them far better than a boat. They're quick on the water with a few points into speed (or an imprint). Because they aren't (typically) built for combat, you can afford to dump points into weight and stamina instead of health and melee. Still not going to be using them for farming metal, but transporting things around the map (moving eggs from base to blue obby on the Center for trading, for example) is a breeze. They can squeeze through a doorframe with a door attached, just as long as the door is opened IN. They can attack while on the ground in the same vein as the Tapejara and Wyvern. Good for harvesting baby dinos you don't want...and they won't eat the profits so you can cook up that prime. They make adorable noises.