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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Rapid-Decay in No-Build

    What if the no-build zones around the Obelisks were also rapid-decay zones? Creatures located within the radius (like those that just hang out there permanently blocking things) have a 12 hour decay timer, much like an unsnapped pillar. This would prevent jerks from continuously blocking off the obelisks on PvE. Sure, you can summon a boss to clear anything that can go into an arena, but when there are wyverns or argents are blocking outside of SE there's nothing that can be done short of waiting around with wild Diplos for their ORP to go off right as they log in.
  2. Center "Underwater Bubbles" and Teleporters

    But they will stay put safely after that? I had issues getting spinos to follow inside of the bubble initially because I registered as 'On surface' so they all popped up and out rather than moving through. I thought this was resolved in Early Access - I have had spinos residing there for months with no deaths. Have there been issues recently?
  3. Just discovered after farming the Element for a set of Tek Teleporters and the Generators to run at each location, trying to teleport tames from the mainland into an underwater bubble results in them jumping directly to the surface. Complete waste of Element. Kind of a pricey learning experience...any chance this will be looked into?
  4. Center boss fight

    Yes, PC Official. She still provides a Beta head mount, and our element totaled a proper value. Is this a known bug? Prior to the TLC patch she spawned at Beta. Update: Alpha was easily do-able. Took less than 10 minutes, rexes took less than 10k damage. Once again, Brood gave credit and unlocks as though she were Alpha, was red like Alpha, and moved like an Alpha, but implant credit was restricted to Gamma. Still got the right amount of Element overall, so win/win I guess.
  5. Center boss fight

    Cleared the Center Beta tonight with no problems. Tested with a rider on a rex, he took 0 damage despite leading the rex charge. No casualties, most damaged rex was at 24k/30k when we checked after the fight. 45 Element like it had been. The weird part was that our tribemates that were on new alt characters (and therefore hadn't gotten the implant-credit) said it showed Gamma Broodmother and Beta Megapithecus when both should have been Beta. I did notice Brood's health bar was green instead of blue but didn't think much of it other than maybe it was to distinguish which was which at a distance. Couldn't confirm that unlocks matched Gamma instead of Beta before they logged off.
  6. Tek Doors/Gates Access

    Tek is the pinnacle of what humanity can accomplish, why is it unable to distinguish between allies and foes? Add an option to Tek Doors and Gates to 'allow allies', or give us an option to set a list of trusted players on gates. PINs for automatic doors just feel clunky. If a dinosaur can figure out it is allowed to eat from a specific trough owned by an ally, and turrets can be programmed to ignore allies, I don't see the disconnect. The gates already say 'Allow Authorized Players', so there's no reason not to allow authorization to be given. Perhaps set an option for tribe-only, authorized players or allies (the former for a list that must be maintained, the latter linked to the alliance system), and all players (for those generous enough to create noob shelters on PvE.). Thanks for your time.
  7. On PvE servers there is tech in place preventing other tribes from damaging or killing your knock-out tame once it is down. What is the reasoning behind not implementing the same tech on passive tames once the first feeding is in and it is 'claimed' for your tribe to tame? I get that passive tames are meant to reset from damage as that scares them, but on PvE that is implied that the environment is the only thing to worry about. I'm getting sick of Chinese tribes on ravagers killing off our high end charge pet tames 1-2 feedings away just because they can. At the very least they should have to kite something wild to it (the same way they do downed tames, new players, closed bases...you get the picture). Just curious what the reasoning is behind it.
  8. Trading forum is dead

    Truth be told I think a lot of the death of the forums is people trading with repeat-buyers. We've all started getting our reliable customers/trade partners and we contact them before posting anything directly because we already have good trade relationships in both directions. We end up trading everything before we have new things to put up for sale!
  9. @Jat @Jen is there any word on what's going on? It's been 48 hours now stranded...timers are still ticking on bases with no one to come feed the tames. If I knew where the obelisk power supply was I'd just turn it off and back on again, but that's not happening.
  10. Can confirm - xfers are still down to and from 327, 328, and 329. I was thankfully able to get a noob on my home server and download everything to give to a tribemate there. What's really irksome is that nobody is talking about this - I'm lucky enough to have tribemates that were on the Center for a trade or sitting on SE when the errors started so my timers are fine and everything is being fed...not everyone is.
  11. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Good grief have I got a short list for this! A while back a way to freeze a baby as a baby was mentioned for Tek tier. Will this still be coming and if yes, will this be a way to draw out imprint times to make it less punishing for advanced tribes? For example, can I put the Quetz I'm imprinting in stasis until I can log in again? Then some TLC questions: When will water veins/wells in PvE be usable with pipes? Any chance to get a toggle in the radial menu of a Wyvern to switch special and alt fire and have their controls line up with other flyers? (C for special, Alt for pick-up) Would implementation of a way to switch chat view to tribe-only, local-only, and local+tribe-only be possible as a means to filter out global? Are there plans to fix the exploit involving Wyvern milk having no expiration timer when stored in the Obelisks? What creature would I most like to see? That would have to be Sinoconodon - I think it could be an interesting addition to the Redwoods.
  12. cant build around water veins

    At least from what I've seen, you can drink from a well or fill a Morellatops from it whether it is locked or not (owned by anyone). By all means, let people drink from them in PvE, or come up with an alliance build option so that allied tribes can form communities around veins.