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  1. Are you on Xbox one selique

  2. Hey what's your guys gamer tags I have the decord app and just waiting to join tribe and server.

  3. Another Server Falls

    Yeah man, I feel for you. Good luck in your struggles!
  4. Another Server Falls

    One reason I only play private servers lol. Just have to get a good Admin, and there's none of that madness going on.
  5. Daily bump! Here is some Lore surrounding ARK #19322: ARK # 19322 is one of an infinite amount of ARK's made by the mysterious "Watchers". Who these "Watchers" are is debatable. They may be an advanced alien civilization, inter-dimensional beings, or god itself. What is known is that these ARKs abduct intelligent life from across the Universe, and even across all time. Some speculate that the ARKs even pull life from other dimensions. The wildlife found on the ARK all stems from the Prehistoric times of the planet Earth. Dinosaurs, and Mega-fauna inhabit the Island. No alien wild life is found, although mutations of the earth life is evident. Wild mutations and evolution have crafted the animals on the ARK to be the deadliest kind. There are many different species to be found. The ARKs are nexus points where material from all across time and space ends up. Ships crash, survivors are teleported, and items wash up, upon the Islands Shores. A strange force-field encapsulates the ARK, preventing any escape from its boarders. ARK #19322 is a new ARK. It is less than ten years old. There was a group of "Initial" Survivors transported to the ARK. They set up a peaceful existence and even managed to build a hospital and the Southern Islets Village. When the Pirate known as Selique was transmitted, she tried to take over their tribe, and ended up killing them all off. Now, a steady flow of survivors enters the ARK, each with their own backgrounds. The land is still wild and untamed. There is much development to be done. Will the survivors work together to over come the challenges laid out by the "Watchers"? Or will they fight to the end and destroy the ARK? Only time will tell.
  6. I enjoy playing solo on a PvP server. I don't build a big base, or collect a lot of Dinos. I build a small base in an out of the way part of the map. Then its all hit and run, guerrilla tactics on the players I find! Traps, Tranq and rob, Sniping, all kinds of fun activities! I get wiped all the time, but I never have much to lose anyway! Its a lot of fun!
  7. We're still looking for active players to contribute to the server! PvP, PvE, RP, what ever you enjoy! Come join our growing community! Star in a Youtube video, or meet new friends! There's lots to do in Triassic ARK!
  8. Server is still wide open for new players! We just cleared out many abandoned structures! We're looking for Roleplayers and non-Roleplayers alike! Come help build up our new and growing community! If you're looking for a friendly and relaxed server with occasional events, Roleplay, and a good group of people, Triassc ARK: Roleplay is for you!
  9. Server upgrades are complete! We now have 20 player slots and are on better server tech! We've also bumped the difficulty to 2.1, and decreased the spawn rates of Wardens, BA Animals, Wyvrens, and Drakes to make it an accomplishment to get those creatures! Our Medium Dino fights were amazing! Skye won the contest with her Trike! It even beat the Rhinos! Good job to Skye! Next week we will have another fight! Join the steam group to learn about the different events hosted on the server, and for more info on the next one!
  10. Alpha Raptors Claim Another Victim

    Alphas don't play around.
  11. The server is being upgraded to the hosts Premium server, as well as getting an increase in player limit to 20! Join our Steam Group for details on going on of the server!
  12. This Friday, we'll be battling medium sized Dinos! Join the server and start training yours today! Prizes and glory to be won! There will soon start up a Roleplay Story for the RPers as well! There are rumors floating around The Island, that a functioning Hospital like building with electricity exists! Where is it? Who owns it? Is there a cure to Swamp Fever there? Some exploring is in order!