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  1. Selique

    pvp Bastards Bay: Modded ARK Server.

    We have just launched Season 2! Server has been freshly wiped and slightly changed! Primitive Season time!
  2. Selique

    pvp Bastards Bay: Modded ARK Server.

    There will be a Phiomia Race on Saturday Nov 11th at 1PM EST! Come join the server, tame a phiomia, and start breeding/leveling for a race! The race will be live streamed!
  3. Selique

    pvp Bastards Bay: Modded ARK Server.

    We've reached Rank 11 on toparkservers! Thanks so much to our awesome community!
  4. Selique

    pvp Bastards Bay: Modded ARK Server.

    Had our first mini-event today! Burned poor Red at the stake! Was a lot of fun! We've got a few events planned for the next few weeks! Check the Discord for more info!
  5. Ahoy Lads and Lassies! We are an ARK Community freshly starting a new Server! Our Server is composed of around 100 players who come from all kinds of ARK servers. We've played everything from Official to the wildest and craziest boosted and modded servers you can imagine! Our Community is full of mature, fun, and experienced ARK players, as well as newbs! We are a friendly and welcoming group complete with a Discord and Website! Our Admins are experienced Community Leaders, who have spent time leading other large ARK communities. Our atmosphere is one of friendship and community, with a few bullets to keep you alert! Each Season of Bastards Bay PvP will be unique and varied with its own Theme! Streamers and YouTubers are welcomed! The Server holds regular events such as Phiomia and Ptera Races, Jousting matches, Epic Raids/Seiges, Pirate Ship battles, and more! Now, I'm sure you're thinking "Captain Seli, enough with the BS, what is the server info and settings?!" Well mate, here you go! Bastards Bay; PVP Season 2: Primitive Season! Discord: https://discord.gg/AXEcTuB Map: The Island Mods: Automated Ark: 812655342 Dino Colors Plus: 632898827 Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture: 764755314 Death Helper: 566885854 HG Stacking Mod 2500-50 V271: 842913750 Advanced Engram Unlocker: 1114986779 (This is heaven.) Server Settings: Population Cap: 60 with White List enabled. Admin Command Logging Enabled. Harvest Rate: 4x Exp rate: 5x Taming: 20x Breeding: 45x Max Player Level: 100 Max Dino Level: 150
  6. Are you on Xbox one selique

  7. Hey what's your guys gamer tags I have the decord app and just waiting to join tribe and server.

  8. If it was in Jurassic Park, I'd like it to be in ARK
  9. Selique

    ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    What sort of changes will be made to older Dinos in the future, to bring them in line with the interesting abilities and perks of the newer Dinos? I'm interested to see how my Raptor will remain a viable mount!
  10. Added my tribe! This is exactly what I was wanting to do. I was going to use Enjin, but this is way easier and ad free!
  11. Selique

    Witty Dino Names

    I usually name my Dinos after space objects and stars in the sky. Species doesn't matter. I just name 'em whatever space or star name I think of first. Currently I have: Alnilam-Spino Alnitak-Quetzal Mintaka-Bronto Spica-Ptera Rigel-Raptor Beetlegues-Ptera Nova-Raptor Scorpio- Scorp And the list could go on and on lol.