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  1. The order I plan to play the maps in is The Island -> Scorched Earth -> The Center -> Ragnarok -> Valguero -> Crystal Isles -> Aberration -> Extinction -> Genesis Part 1 -> Genesis Part 2 This order fits in the non-story maps after the non-ending of Scorched Earth
  2. Is the overseer supposed to take reduced damage? I was testing damage and resistance settings on the Overseer and noticed it takes reduced damage without me doing anything.
  3. So if I was to increase resistance and damage by 3.33 times for the Broodmother, Megapithecus, and Dragon would I have roughly dedicated server difficulty? And since it seems that the variants derive their values from the base version, does that mean I would only have to change the values for the base ones? Also, if someone has the way to check, could you please check the multipliers on Rockwell tentacles, Moeder minions, Corrupted avatars, and the tameable titans?
  4. If I'm going to be doing a boss solo, should I bring a Yutyrannus and Daeodon? Are either of them any good without a rider?
  5. Is there a way to increase the timer for the gauntlet missions? I'm playing single player and it's literally impossible to beat the alpha gauntlets. I tested in creative mode, and I didn't have a problem with the timer on gamma, and I didn't test but it's probably possible on beta. However, even on creative mode with non-stop attacking, I couldn't finish alpha. If there isn't a way to increase the timer, what would be the best way to edit the resistance and damage of the gauntlet creatures to make it possible? I know you can change how difficult certain creatures are, but I don't know how
  6. KI’m sorry if this is asking too much. What does the Dmgmultiplierforsingleplayer=4 for the King Titan mean? Do the tameable titans have the damage reduction as well? Edit: Did some testing. From what I can tell, King Titan takes 4x damage, and the other titans take 3x. I don’t know how to test damage on the tameable titans.
  7. I’ve seen somewhere that the bosses are easier in singleplayer and non-dedicated. Is this true? Does anyone know how much easier it makes them? I’m trying to figure out how good my Megatheriums need to be for the different tiers of the Broodmother.
  8. On my current playthrough I'm on The Island, but I plan to do every map including the non-canon ones. The way I see it they are sort of semi-canon as in they aren't part of the story but still fit into the story as ARKs the characters don't visit. So I'm trying to find out what order I should put them in. I want to finish them all before Extinction for lore reasons. Which order would be better? The Island - The Center - Scorched Earth - Ragnarok - Aberration - Valguero - Crystal Isles - Extinction - Genesis Part 1 - Genesis Part 2 Or The Island - Scorched Earth - Aberr
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