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  1. Hi, I’m looking to join a big tribe. I’m level 88 and I have 1.6k hours on PlayStation, I recently moved to Xbox and have about 100 hours on it currently. I’m level 88 and the maps I’ve played is Island, genesis, aberration, crystal island, rag and centre. My GT is ROZZLLL, I’m a solo player and an overall friendly person. I’m really good at pvp and can grind when needed
  2. Hi, I’m looking to get recruited to KFC. I have 1.6k hours on PlayStation however I moved to Xbox and have around 100 hours but I do have really good knowledge of the game. I’m very good at pvp and will grind when needed, I’m level 88 and am solo playing currently. Thank you for the consideration, GT- ROZZLLL
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