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  1. Yep, I know but I like to save the dinos for when I need to feed my tames.
  2. If you have ever been in the country where cows are, they have these built in grates in roads called cattle guards. How about a dino guard for herbivores only to stop the annoying brontos, etc from wondering into bases that have open areas. You could build them in rows to stop wild herbivores from entering an area of your base.
  3. If you get a cryofridge, you can put them in cryopods and not feed them.
  4. The Tek generator is rather noisy as well.
  5. That would be nice, also maybe a timer so you dont burn through the gas.
  6. How about no Scott. I vote NO! You want to start over they have a server for new players that resets all the time, go for it.
  7. The noise of some of the machinery needs to be toned down. I have the game volume at a reasonable level but the fabricator noise is just annoying. The generator needs to be toned down as well. The game generator is way louder than the real life Honda generator I have.
  8. Yes, great idea. Needs to happen ASAP!
  9. bart430

    Tek binoculars

    Yes, please being lvl 109 with a bamboo spyglass sucks
  10. Yeah, killing alpha megs are good exp for Chibi's leveling too. I use a Giga, lure them close to shore and chomp chomp em.
  11. I did a alpha boss fight yesterday on valguero and the manticore was very low on health and then seemed to disappear, no element was gathered by the dino that killed it and I wasnt on that dino. Lost 200 element.
  12. 19 decent Rex's and a Yuty and you wont need your friend for boss fights.
  13. Still no bees on Official Server Valguero
  14. Thanks, I cant see where to install a language pack but I did turn on the steam id.
  15. How can I report someone for a game violation if all I can see is [][][][]? Its really not right, I have someone jump into my boss arena fight and block a rex, I jumped off my Yut to get the Rex around the uninvited player and my Yut got killed. There isnt anything I can do because I can't read their name to file a report. Im sure there are many other examples and probably the same thing has happened before but I have no other recourse.
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