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  1. Serious question.... Ok, so I have a baby gacha (my first) and wanted to see how much stone it ate per minute...so, some stacks onto my wing, enabled nursing then popped babe to make sure it was eating. It did, even saw spikes like you might get when feeding wyvern milk to a baby wyv and it's current max food is less than 1200... ANYHOW...so, I was timing for a minute, closed the baby gachas inv to check maewing inv.... ZERO stone consumed. No troughs or other maewings in area. Are you (op or others) using JUST a maewing with NO FOOD at all? Or am I just getting lucky here?
  2. Folks misunderstand, in my experience I spawn in STUCK INSIDE their pillar, foundataion, ect. "Floating" ...you can't eat spoiled meat/poop you CANNOT kill yourself except allowing your char to starve because...rain tends to keep you from thirst. And good luck with that if you have a high health bar. On Genesis, you cannot even access your HLNA. A*bleep*HOLES that are F*bleep*ing P*bleep*ks building on spawn locations deserve to have whatever is in ...say a 20 foundation radius BLOCKING said spawn points ......be deleted on their first grievance, second grievance; EVERY THING in that trib
  3. If I was on PS4, I would help... A few tips that might seem useless, but here they are: Fire and ember wyvs are...fire proof. They take zero fire damage. I prefer Ember because they can slip through a 2x3 wide gap and a normal wyv cannot (3x3 min for them) Also might want to keep a gas mask handy as it (when worn) negates the poison of the Poison wyvs. Snow Owls are better for the "no food" method as a daedon is indeed a pain especially when you leave the render area. However, if none of the tames I suggested are available at the moment, then yeah...you'll have to
  4. Well see that is odd...back then I was in a megatribe we had two pairs in the breeding pen (when we had to have the tames set to wander) and two pairs in the incubation chambers. About one out of twenty eggs were twins for us. Before I joined them, played for almost 3 months and never hatched/birthed a single set of twins.
  5. Did they nerf these? I stopped playing shortly after Aberration came out and recently got back into the game. Back then they did and I did not see anything in patch notes concerning this.
  6. Not true, I am on official, main base on Rag...the problem is two things: Only ONE Ice Wyvern seems to spawn for the entire map. If it dies/ is killed then it takes (apparently) 24 hrs for a new one to respawn. Secondly...even if there IS an Ice Wyvern, if they have been aggroed too far away from where the nest SHOULD be yet has yet to spawn said nest...then you ( or somebody) needs to get the Ice Wyvern to aggro and bring it back to the area where the nest should spawn. Leave area for 30 mins, and return. SHOULD see a nest unless (again) the Ice Wyvern has been aggroed too fa
  7. That is okay..I literally went through 500+ eggs before I got a new mutation. As in...NO MUTATION AT ALL for 500+ eggs. Then I finally got one. That being said, I posted something here and others stated they have had twins. My advice: get a pair of unicorns (male and female) and make sure they are nearby the two tames you are breeding. Should increase your chances because I think the chances of mutations, twins and triplets MAY have been altered with the egg incubator roll out.
  8. I think...I have the solution. The math doesn't seem right. a tame being handfed (not nursed) will eat 5 pieces of meat every 2 mins. That is 150 per hour. So, for 10 maewings (not nursed) that is 1500 per hour or, 37 and a half stacks. A black bag (300 stacks) would have lasted them 8 hours, without taking into account of spoilage. Accounting for spoilage, each stacks spoils in 40 mins. So lets assume each stack is 39 when we "start the clock" because it is nearly impossible to have a fresh 300 stacks of meat. So, we start the clock with 11,700 meat After the
  9. Ok..but were the babies within range of the momma? Keep in mind when babes grow...some might "step out" of range. 1000 nursing range is 2 foundations away from the nursing maewing 1200 is three foundations and 1600 is four.
  10. I don't think so...I had 20+ vultures when I tested a maewing on official PvE. Placed them on a raft in the middle of the water on a Rag map where most folks usually don't tend to go. Logged out for 12 hours, came back: still alive. Also just recently I had 4 gigas (clipped in close) 3 rexes and 3 snowowls plus a baby wing. All survived (gigas still growing). Now, the rexes were in the baskets with the baby maewing, but...I have yet to see a dino cap of how many it can nurse at one time.
  11. Not always...I have gotten cheaper MC saddles with higher armor. (Yes 165 asc saddle is INDEED "the best" considering) I just wanted to state that sometimes ascendant can be worse (both with mats and armor/damage) than journeyman sometimes.
  12. At birth: 17,400 at 100%imprint is...20,880. That way one can max the melee (at birth) 1,619% (254 pts) for a 1941% melee at 100% imprint.
  13. Cloth/desert clothing only..... Gotta keep it interesting.
  14. You should look into breeding muts...but the basic jist is, if you have a clean female, you can breed with a dirty male (or vice versa) and have about 3.2(?) percent change of a mutation. Hope that helps. Clean meaning, zero mutations. For me, it must just be my luck.....
  15. It's new from the Gen2 release...so...not much info. HOWEVER...I did find this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/comments/nw9pl3/extra_level_explorer_notes/ and they state you will need 1000 total notes for that extra 10 levels. which, as I just checked means...every single note in the game. "Collecting all Explorer Notes unlocks an additional 10 levels for your character." as per https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Explorer_Notes
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