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  1. You should look into breeding muts...but the basic jist is, if you have a clean female, you can breed with a dirty male (or vice versa) and have about 3.2(?) percent change of a mutation. Hope that helps. Clean meaning, zero mutations. For me, it must just be my luck.....
  2. It's new from the Gen2 release...so...not much info. HOWEVER...I did find this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/comments/nw9pl3/extra_level_explorer_notes/ and they state you will need 1000 total notes for that extra 10 levels. which, as I just checked means...every single note in the game. "Collecting all Explorer Notes unlocks an additional 10 levels for your character." as per https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Explorer_Notes
  3. Look into YOUTUBE vids...I hate to recommend a single one... because I am biased to my own opinions on "this tame is good" or "that tame is junk" buuut. this could get you started:
  4. If you use only theris try this...grouping males and females. with 10 Males in group A and 10 Females in Group B. As soon as you are in the arena, mount your theri and select a group fast to whistle them to move to the LEFT of where Mother comes out, then select the second group to follow you and head to the RIGHT (or vice versa) Do this as fast as you can. What will happen is the first group will be in position as the mother starts to attack them, and your group comes up from behind. However, I advise a Yuti that YOU mount and roar just before the timer ends to jump into the arena. Then,
  5. Perhaps it is my luck...but I thought I would ask. Have any of you had an egg laid since Gen 2 receive a new mutation? Since Gen2 I realize, I haven't had a new mutation EXCEPT with eggs laid prior to the release. I recently acquired the Egg Incubator and just spent a few days breeding my line like crazy. Over 200 eggs...not a SINGLE new mutation. Mind you, in the past I would (on average) get 4 mutations per 100 eggs. Might not be the ones I wanted, but mutations. Since the Gen2...nothing. Is it just my bad luck and I am the minority....or are others have the same issue??
  6. Delicate ....folks think it would be power, but it's the delicate harvest points for hide. Tap C (or whichever button you have that collects berries with them) and yeah..... I have two "Boss Theri's" ...one has nothing but Power points and the other Delicate points. After they were mature I ONLY put points in weight...for the obvious reasons.
  7. Apparently....this is an issue with some engrams learned after the Gen2 release. Create a new fabricator...and you SHOULD see your engrams. Place the fabricator fast enough and you can check, if I am wrong; pick it back up.
  8. Hey folks...so, when you use the "Egg Incubator" from Gen2...after you place your eggs inside and exit; look at your eggs. There is a scale underneath "Current Temperature." Some might see a grey scale with a solid white bar (that bar will move when you adjust the temp.) The bar is the "Temperature Health" for THAT egg LEFT side of the scale is GOOD. RIGHT side of the scale is BAD. Middle is good, but it is (obviously) the tipping point. You want to keep the bar on or to the left of the middle. Hope this helps those that needed it.
  9. Holy majeezus...THANK YOU! Gen 2 is too much for my PC and seems to want to crash the client, but I was able to get on, learn some engrams and back off....was flummoxed when I couldn't craft an incubator. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU
  10. If you mean "I made a kill but didn't get the xp"....well, it depends. I "killed" an alpha wyv with my thyla, but the bleeding effect actually killed it, so I didn't get the kill. If that isn't the issue...please explain what it is that is broken. Equipping, gaining Xp, not spawning in inv?
  11. Better...is fiber..stock up as much fiber as you can, then open the note and immediately start crafting CLOTH HATS. They accumulate fats (so might need to drop all hats) and is my go to for a new character. On a normal (no evo/events) day one can go from level 1 to level 50 in an hour with this method. Mind you, if you account for not dying during the process. My other go to is narcotics/sparkpowder/paste but they take more resources to have stashed.
  12. Ahh..thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to reply without feeling like I am spamming just so I can get out of "Early Bird"
  13. I am sure thousands of players have noticed...no matter the crate level requirement : we are getting junk primitive bp/items. This is true for Island, Rag, Center and Val (that I know of) .. So, can anyone confirm this is a bug or an actual nerf?? And...I thought I posted under General, seems I landed in Genesis/General. Mods, please delete/move
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