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  1. anyway to avoid getting jumped by an acrobatic cat hiding in a tree 200 feet into the air while riding on the back of a bird then proceeding to die due to monsters camping my stuff as i attempted to get it back 15 to 20 times and finally cheating to attain it after sitting annoyed, contemplating my choices on why i got this game?
  2. why cannot you eat it? why must it be this way. i am screaming in pain. it must have some sort of effect on the player, punishing them for eating it. this truly saddens me.
  3. why can you eat feces and spoiled meat but not cement paste, this is ridiculous. it needs to be added into the game.
  4. will there be an update or no cement paste must be consumable
  5. I am wondering why you cannot eat cement paste in ARK. This has truly negatively impacted my life and I have lost my job because of this. I need to eat cement paste. I must. Will you at least be able to eat cement paste in ARK 2? Please. Pretty please.
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