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  1. 17 hours ago, sverrebob said:

    You roll out events and stupid updates that does idiotic QoL poop we dont need, but fixing the bugs, glitches and other game breaking stuff, nooo thats none of ur concern.

    This game is slowly turning into a real crap game. We still here only because we spent so muvh time amassing what we have, despite Wildcard tearing it down at every opportunity they get.  Well, raptor you guys, fix your game and stop doing lame ass events where ppl ends up beeing unable to play the game for several days out of the event time.

    Hire someone who actually knows how to write proper code, and ban those exploiters to kingdom come. Set connection limit to 100 ping, anyone above that should NOT be able to connect! Learn from others games peeps, quit beeing stupid.

    Ladies and gentlemen we have a butthurt. I think it need to give a sip of milk to calm down

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