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  1. DiploBoi

    Mobile Yuty

    Mobile gamers, we all know that this is missing in the game, right? I mean, we don't have a Yuty and (I think) I'm not the only one that thinks we need it, right? Tell me, am I right? We all want a Yuty in our multiplayer/singleplayer game to make things easier but we don't have it, am I right? WE ALL WANT YUTYRANNUS, WILL WE GET THEM? IDK. WE SHOULD? YES. If a Mobile developer sees this, pls, for the next halloween event add a temporal chance to get a Yuty or just definitely add them, I'm begging you to do it.
  2. We, mobile players, must admit that we hate not being able of dividing stacks and wait A LOT to get spoiled meat and I've recently seen a pretty old post about this and I think no solution has been added, the way it could be done could easly be just double tap and slide to a side. Now, are we, mobile players, going to get this in a future update? I would like to see it added. Also, IDK how but in Mobile I once did damage with a Diplodocus, I repeat: IDK HOW so don't ask how I did it. If you wonder why I wrote this is because I just wanted to tell someone. Last
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