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  1. Is your RCON tool CLI? If so what do you use? I've been having a hard time finding something that works for Linux. I definitely agree that the issues I'm having are specific to me, and it's not widespread. It's frustrating that I can't find many similar issues (I have found a couple) that have resolutions.
  2. There *shouldn't* be any virus, its a fresh install and only used for the server. Though nothing is really impossible, I guess. I'll attempt the checksum check later when my users have logged off. I personally doubt that its a corruption in the save files, purely because one of the tests didn't involve compressing the folder. The only things I can really think it would be is the process I am doing to shut down the server and backup the folder. My options aren't really unlimited though... Use the SaveWorld and DoExit commands in-game. Backup the folder. Restart the service. Re
  3. I've tried multiple backups at different times, trying different things. One of the backups I attempted I saved the server, gave it a moment and brought it down. Did a backup on the SavedArks, renamed it to something else, restored the backup, and it didn't work. I then deleted the restored folder and renamed the old folder back to SavedArks and it didn't work either. It wasn't until I deleted the TheIsland.ark and renamed the latest of the games auto backups that I had something work.
  4. I have a script that runs at 4am every day that zips a copy of the SavedArks folder into a backups folder, the problem I'm having is that when I attempt to restore a backup, the game isn't recognising TheIsland.ark and starts with a clean map but player levels and engrams are as they were before. Any ideas where I'm going wrong here? TIA!
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