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  1. Any1 else having trouble? I've got a wyvern uploaded that went greyed out the sec it went in. Can't get it out. This has all been since the patch today.
  2. I've got a 6 server cluster with plans to add the other 4. I've upped the levels on each and every one of these up to X10 official. However, I've got players who are dieing multipal times on the end server to get a high level wyvern egg and skipping all the content before it. I've seen players skip gamma and betas instances to get to alpha on The Ils, SE, and Ab which unlocks everything under it as far as engrams. I'd like WC to put in a level requirement option for privates so I can place a level requirement to gain access to the next server. I'd also like an option to require gamma
  3. Stamina and heath regen above water, what is the reasoning for having no regen under water? Before this "re-development", we'd take in a group with Asc swords and used the hard cave to farm fish/etc. I tried to get pearls from the south beech, took out 2 sharks and was limited to the bottom and slow. No sense in this other than some PVP deal, I would imagine, certainly doesn't apply to PVE or PVE/PVP which is my cluster. If WC wants it like this on their "official" servers, that's fine with me. However, give us the option to turn off this no regen on privates. Gameplay is gameplay an
  4. We didn't use water tames before. About the last of my cluster, we noticed this problem but to be honest, I thought it was a bug back then and killed my servers pretty fast thereafter to go hit SWG again. It's still unplayable underwater and WC could take care of this easily with a option to turn back on regen on privates. I couldn't care less about what they do on official. I heavily use .ini code and mods to rebalance, add to, and take away from the base game where it's needed. I seen the work-arounds, climb on a tame, take a chair with you, place it, sit on it, and regen. Both a
  5. Private servers really need to be able to turn off the no regen. I had ARK servers when this was not a problem and regen worked underwater. WildCard may have implimented this for some PVP reasoning I can not see, but private servers need to be able to have regen underwater. I started up my servers again and IMHO, The Island underwater is almost unplayable due to this problem. I have no idea how anyone would be able to get thru the hard underwater cave like ARK is today. One of my players tried the easy water cave and died there. I have looked and I can find no mods to fix this. I have
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