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  1. Pfff endless server crashes on gen2 1535. Just got my giga’s safe but it is taking long to breed as rollbacks are there. Server instability is really annoying.
  2. Another person who has excuses to defend WC’s crappy servers. Again their experience is for years now so they SHOULD be able to handle this. My guessing is they don’t want to spend too much money on development of reliable servers. So they want to fix it with 100rds of updates to make it stable but that still doesn’t workout. For the rest breeding IS the big part of Ark in the evolution when you are playing for a long time, or you are just new here. As WC made this by thereselfs… We are just the survivors they created the game.
  3. It always has been lagging that’s nothing new. The servers should be able to handle this but after years of experience still cant even with less people in servers it is still incapable to handle this. That should not be the problem of the survivors… As for now breeding should be in the evo event as only like 20% are for harvest and taming (i think even less)
  4. Gen2 1535 and 1540 down for more then 12 hrs. Sometimes it comes back and crashes after 1 min and gets a rollback and half hr later same and so on. Now it stays at “could not retrieve adress”. Every single event jeez same sh*t…..!!!
  5. This is still a thing?!? @Cedric why is this? Or will this never be fixed as it stays on Valguero? An answer would help...
  6. Still wondering why hive over hive stack was a real problem WC caused more issues now and btw hive stacking hasnt been solved. Please take those fixes away and let the hives as they used to bee.... I really miss those nice colored bees now
  7. This is not good, server was not in list but now it is but says ‘day 0’ Nobody is online guess they are scared too:
  8. Xbox server 1491 Crystal Isles is down for more then 4 hrs. Last day and the day I finally can do something...
  9. Kinda sad they dont have a proper log working with details as they should be able to make a simple “google” search in it with player name and gt related this should be easy. I think its the time and money they dont want to put into. Its possible but its more like are they willing to put money in such system. They never wont as the server stability are providing prove to it. We just have to accept their handicaps.
  10. Same here also on this server. Already put a ticket for it hope it gets back soon. Have to fill throughs. many people having server issues and character losses dino losses its way worse then it was before. Transfering is dangerous these times.
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