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  1. PVP is supposed to be an overall balanced area for other players to have fun playing.. But this issue with what we are facing on the new map Fjordur, created by Nekatus is that we are unable to farm the key source to ascend from the primitive stages while other tribes keep it to themselves. Certain tribes had this planned out and because a huge majority was unaware of the severity of it, their are tribes who lock the areas that we need the most to become bigger. The charge node cave being the ONLY cave with the ONLY charge node is ridiculous and it prevented a lot of players from getting element to the point they had to get Ele Gachas. Later on Ark gave the only thing they thought would help with this and that would be world bosses finally element, but the element it would give is 30. Now let me remind those who are reading this post about how bad this is in comparison. Their is a 1 hour cool down to run a world boss individually, their are also 3 world bosses which give 30 ele each. Tribes could farm these areas for 90 element TOTAL within an hour.. While it seems like it is a lot, it really isn't and the relics these bosses give mean nothing for late game when tribes are holding off the charge node cave preventing those to even fighting the fenrir boss ( Charge Node cave holds the Megapithecus terminal) The Element other tribes have to grind out to even remotely keep up is disgusting. Why are we subjected to 90 Element an hour when this ONE tribe who is hoarding it off with capped Tek turrets effortlessly is pulling over 30k element a day? The analogy to put this in perspective is like this whole server has to walk 10 miles each day, while the person whos holding off the element has a car and can drive there in 10 minutes.. It's not fair and it's not fun. A lot of tribes have quit because it is unfair and ruined the chances of a lot of tribes having more fun with the map due to it being a ONE tribe ownership. Please fix this
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