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  1. Hi Could anyone please help me? I logged off before the update on official PVE Xbox yesterday. When I logged back in it seems like I am under the Genesis1 map with no way to kill my character, I’m just falling and falling and falling into nothingness. I’ve tried to uninstall and install the game and when I logged back in again it was the same situation. Is there any way you could help please? I’d like to make it perfectly clear that I play PVE so I wasn’t meshing, I just flew my skiff to a cliff and laid down on a bed before logging off. kind regards
  2. Hi it’s me again… Don you know what I did on my Lost Island server on Xbox official 1725 this morning? Strap yourselves in… Lost all my stuff on my character because the Lost Island map is an utter trash and a complete failure and has spoilt the Christmas event for me and most of the community. I will keep complaining until something is done to make the maps stable!! You will say it’s a free map but we have to pay for the main game to download it… poor poor poor. kind regards
  3. Well done guys at Wildcard… You’ve actually released a map that’s more unplayable that Genesis part 2. I take my hat off to you sirs as that’s a feat I never thought could be beat. Over the past few days the server performance has got worse and worse! I have lost countless creatures to DC! Fix you goddamn game! DayZ runs better than this and I don’t say that lightly. As a consumer I feel incredibly let down.
  4. Hi Ark Please can something be done about the lag fest on LI server 1725 Xbox? I had high hopes for this map after the hellish experience with lag and roll backs I’ve had on Gen2 since it’s release. It started off ok on 1725 but then 4 days in it all started to go wrong. The server I play on is heavily bugged especially the new creatures. It crashes, the Dino performance and AI is atrocious, the Wyven trenches have few or no Wyvens in them, you can’t go across the map without the lag taking you back about 10 seconds due to lag. Got a lot of people in chat saying it’s dupers… maybe. The server is never at full capacity with most I’ve seen on it at any one time being 40-50 people. I just want to play the game. This is a new map. Hopefully these issues can be looked into after the festive holidays. Kind Regards
  5. Hi I don’t know what’s going on but since yesterday morning GMT the Gen2 official server 1588 has been unplayable. Roll backs literally every seven minutes and it’s really quite frustrating now. Anybody know what’s up? Are you experiencing this on your Gen2 server?
  6. Looking forward to this. Going straight after a Skeleton costume I reckon
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