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  1. The Phoenix is probably Ark's most underutilized and unloved creatures. which is really sad as those who get to use them find them to be pretty cool flyers as they are pretty much a flaming jet. I don't wanna suggest much as the more that does means the less likely of it getting done. 1. Give them a standing animation. (Having it just float there gives it what a friend called "An unfinished look". Which I agree with, its also just feels unfinished especially when its friggin dossier has it standing. Come-on. 2. Decrease the altitude in which it constantly goes up. (Me and a grou
  2. A regular Engram you learn around level 50 - 60. Crafting cost is something along the lines of - 15 Metal Ingots 25 Cementing Paste 10 Polymer 12 Fiber 25 Hide When worn the boots provide a defense lower then flak but higher then chitin. The main use of them is when taking fall damage. Whenever you would take fall damage the boots would half the damage you would take and take damage to its durability. The main purpose of this is to provide some protection from your ankles exploding until you can get a pair of tek boots.
  3. Thank you! Same as you I'm unsure on how the balance would work here but I appreciate the feedback none the less!
  4. Full Dossier Wild At first glance with a common Draconis Pennáta, its razor sharp beak, talons and a venomous bite you would figure out that you would be dealing with another terror of the sky. Upon further inspection you will find that even though they are in the dragon family, the Cockatrice is quite the peaceful and timid animal. Living in small groups these creatures are largely omnivorous with its sole meat intake being carrion. In fact I often find groups of these animals following large herbivores to take up with any dead predators that failed to make a meal. Something
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