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  1. are you going to write a book? anyway it would be a nice essay to take for your eighth grade exam.
  2. surely if i said i finished ragnarok and extinction i am not here asking how i can tame a yuty. maybe you need to re-read the discussion to better understand what we are talking about.
  3. I don't think so, many dinosaurs and their behaviors are based on real facts the carnotaurs that follow the yuty are one of the few exceptions and that's why I say: since many things seem to me based on real facts etc .. it's not difficult to understand. what I'm saying is that in my opinion it's a stupid and boring thing to have to face groups of carnotaurs to tame a yuty. just this. then everyone can think as they want. I'm not a hitler, it's just my thinking and my criticism.
  4. being great programmers those who developed this game I imagine a scenario like .. intelligent programmer: hey I have set the attack and the defense of the yuty slightly lower than it should otherwise it would be on par with a rex or a spinosaurus but so it is too weak what do I do? I can't change the stats of the other dinosaurs otherwise it would be too hard work! superior (also intelligent): add some carnotaurs so he does not die (not thinking about the difficulties that this choice could cause) intelligent programmer: done!
  5. many things on the island map are similar to reality or are they based on real facts a stupid example? fish live in the water they do not fly, wolves run in packs and so on. yes ok the game is partly science fiction or call it what you want but since many things seem to me based on real facts it seemed a stupid and annoying thing to have to face groups of carnotaurs to tame a yuty. in any case it will surely be an impossible thing for me to tame a yuty after all I have not finished ragnarok and extinction (irony)
  6. and this is why developers miss out on making at least three times as much money as they could. add some other dragon or flying elephant instead of thinking about listening to some positive criticism;)
  7. Why the f*ck does the carnotaur follow the yuty like he's part of their pack? but above all for what f*cking reason is it on the snow biome when its remains were found in Argentina where I think it was indescribably hot considering that at the winter poles it was maximum 14 ° C? very realistic game, good job!
  8. so even if the puppy has 4 patrilineal (0 matrilineal) mutations and has 48 damage points while the father 46, can you confirm that it is normal and that I just have to try again with other eggs? (Thanks for the reply)
  9. hi all i'm learning to make mutations and i currently have a female tyrannosaurus with zero mutations that is mating with a male tyrannosaurus that has three mutations on the damage statistic (473.9%) but the puppy that was born to these two parents has always and only 408.1 points of damage. the puppy has four damage point mutations compared to the parent's three points so shouldn't he have more points on the damage stat than the parent? (google translate is my friend)
  10. Hi everyone, i'm playing with my girlfriend in co-op, we finished doing pretty much everything on ragnarok and we wanted to unlock the tech armor but if we can go already prepared on another map i think it would be too easy to tame the creatures, complete the dungeons and kill the bosses with the creatures we have on ragnarok and I don't want to ruin our gaming experience this way, but if things weren't as simple as I imagine then I might as well think about it .. what do you advise me to do?
  11. build a wall around the dinosaur and the cave entrance so he can no longer get the dinosaur and go kill the lava golem in another server then find his house and build a Wooden Billboard in front of his house written on it that he is a b4st4r d
  12. How long has ark been available on epic games? Are the ark servers on epic games the same as in steam? Is it possible to transfer my character from a steam pvp server to an epic games pvp server?
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