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  1. I'm not voting against the dino I personally suggested. If you have issues with the voting system, speak to the wildcard devs yourself. I'm sorry you feel you gotta take out your frustration on me rather than the voting system that caused this whole situation.
  2. Ultimately wildcard will decide on what to incorporate as it's gameplay elements/abilities. I, and nexxus, have no say in what the devs decide to do at the end of the day
  3. Or maybe request the Ark team to add a voting system to in-game only for the top 10. I'm not feeling guilty, as I haven't done anything wrong lol
  4. Just a heads up to all the those in turmoil: The guidelines state that the top 10 creatures will be put up for a vote after the deadline July 23rd. Although my idea was "stolen" by a youtuber, as some of you have said, (check timestamps of our posts if there are any doubts, btw) there is still an opportunity for another creature submission to win. I implore all those, who feel this was rigged, to team together and vote for another creature submission after the deadline when the list drops to 10 creatures. Although it hurts a bit to see my idea become a cause for scrutiny, a
  5. LOVE your ideas! I think detecting resources in the wild would be an incredible feature to give this little guy.
  6. Not sure why we're comparing. I threw an idea out there because I thought it sounded cool. I'm not a game developer, nor a streamer. In fact, I own a server with less than 16 people, and play very casually. Without my original idea in the first place, would it even exist? Nonetheless, I'm happy with the response it's gotten. However Wildcard decides to incorporate gameplay mechanics for it, I'm excited it's received as much attention as it has. Obviously, I hope it wins, but good luck to all the suggestions people have sent in. Can never have enough cuties in game:)
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/04/16/scientists-discover-new-dinosaur-and-it-is-adorable/ Newly discovered Pterosaur found in China! Looks like a flying squirrel or bat mixed with a salamander. Lives in trees (perfect for a jungle map), uniquely covered in "pycnofibers," which isn't fur or feathers, nocturnal insectivore. Gameplay-wise, I think it could give a buff that provides night vision. Or, like the crow in MarniiMods Wildlife, a buff to increase rarity in loot crates found. However it's gameplay advantages are decided, we can never have enough cute creatures in Ark. Wo
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