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  1. Xbox/Pc server [SoloDodo] learn to play the game or be good at the game this is a solo only server 10x well balanced server 20 slots will start a cluster and buy more slots if i can get the players first please give my server a chance and you'll enjoy it anybody is welcome boosted weight on char and dinos not op but good. stack mod low ping no admins no rules blood stalkers crystal isle Boosted
  2. join Arkagedon its fresh 10x breeding 8x taming 8x harvesting rates engrams auto unlock on level up bloodstalkers spawn on my map the map is Crystal isle its a well balanced server it has a stack mod aswell can play solo duo or in a tribe of 4 search under pc unofficial sessions Arkagedon anyone is welcome if you wanna chill or pvp its down to you.
  3. i have a 20 man server on Crystal isle called (Arkagedon). i have bloodstalkers that spawn on this map 8x farming taming breeding its very good and balanced for a boosted server stack mod on all items that stack except for advanced rifle ammo which makes sense for turrets. i only have 3 people up to now that play and i would love some more as a small tribes server soon im going to add a new map as a cluster but for now i dont have the players please check it out it might just be the server for you.
  4. this server is a nitrado server boosted small tribes pvp search for Arkagedon under unofficial pc sessions xbox and pc can play this server good rates you will enjoy
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