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  1. I am relatively new to gaming but ARK Prim Plus has me. I started playing before the issues with smithy engrams and forge limits started happening. I play on an official server with xbox and can not make steel, glass etc. I can also not get an advanced workbench. I was just taking my interests to new building levels when I took a break for vacation and came back to these limits. I have been slowly convincing friends to join me in prim plus. Until recently, I have been only interested in playing solo as I can not devote time to a tribe with any amount of certainty or pride. My new converts are starting to think Prim Plus is not as good and they are not interested in playing reg. Ark. None of us want to have tek or high level guns in our game and i like the prim plus building options. I know that games will move forward and leave small followings behind, please tell me that is not the case for a game that seems to finally be getting some traction. Please don't leave loyalists behind. I am in over my head when I hear talk about fixes you are are doing for your servers. I am impressed. I would love to see WildCard support creative and dedicated players like that.
  2. I love Prim Plus. I wanted to try servers in base game but had some negative experiences that may or may not be attributed to the huge range of Tek and PVP style on PVE server. I can play Prim Plus with my 10 y/o son and he cant go into creative and blow me away with Tek and frustrate me. I am learning how to multitask and tame/build etc..I am not up for fighting at this time. The game is beautiful, I love exploring and homebound its about as much as i get most weeks! I like the idea of incorporating it into the base game. Especially If i can download my character into other maps.
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