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  1. Like COME on WildCard, i bought ps plus to have time to play on GEN 2. BUT OF COURSE, YOU PUSH THE RELEASING DATE! i don't like this, at least i hope that gen 2 and ark 2 are worth buying. And please, at least tell us from now, what are you delaying, cuz maybe people are making plans on when to buy and stuff like that.
  2. I want to report a bug on Ark PS4. The equus emote is very bugged out and I saw that on PC it doesn't happen. It's very annoying in my opinion.
  3. Oh c'mon. Stop doing that. These people are working really really hard on the game. And if it really matters if u have 2x or not then put 2x from the settings. Think about it, they work on gen 2, ark 2, ark: the animated series, ark 1 on bugs and probably keeping an eye on the community forums, so let them catch their breath.
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