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  1. you're so wrong, i had 250GB free space and had to download 40GB patch, But steam told i ran out of space, my disk had 0 GB left the steam download directory is now 244GB and i had to make some 298GB more free space to continue download. But the worst had to come, now steam has to download again the whole 40GB patch and i have another 2PC to update ....
  2. I use steam version of ark. And i'm used to launch my own dedicated server but this time it dont works anymore. When I try to launch the dedicated server it crash showing version 314.9 but we are at 329.7 I tried again with all default parameters and no mod and it crash. I had this problem in the past here after wrong update: i tried to restore good version of server exe with steamCMD and this dont launch at all. i tried to delete all win64 file and made steam restore good file but this dont work. i'm stuck, i dont find the answer, i am alone
  3. you just have to learn the engram and craft the item. you can craft a skin that go to gloves or a tablet that is an item equipable, that's the one i use, equip it like any other item and use right mouse button to activate it. for the sprint, if you maintain the key you will stop sprint when you release it, but if you press it only 1 short time or by accident, just press it again to stop the sprint
  4. Hey thank you, great job. I used steamcmd on the past, so i know it download huge quantity of files and i have not a fast internet connexion. So i made a directory c:\test and launched steamcmd in this directory (as shown in gamepedia.com) and then, I looked steamcd first downloaded files, => Bingo, shootergameserver.exe was quickly in C:\test\steamapps\downloading\376030\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64 as soon as i got it, i stopped steamcmd and copied the file the right steam directory. now it works again. my c:/test took 10GB of disk space in few seconds !
  5. Same here, Our local dedicated server was working perfectly before update. Now it don't show anymore even on the same machine (ip local Ark Launched by steam.
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