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  1. Hello! Drop your ARK I are smart Ideas below! I just thought this would be fun. Example: When you craft the door but forget the doorframe: I are smart. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxhWKyratLuCWlAVNqSwaw?
  2. So here's the situation: my tribe and I started a dedicated server with the ARK app, you know, Run Dedicated Server? I am running the server on Windows 10 and we are all joining from Xbox One's. We decided we wanted to move from the island to extinction, so we all moved to our Xbox singleplayer worlds and uploaded our survivors and dinos and items to the cloud. I went to the settings and made sure that all uploads/downloads were enabled, then I loaded into the server, AND I COULDN'T DOWNLOAD MY SURVIVOR. So I loaded a new one, then went to a terminal. The ARK item slots and dino slots displaye
  3. I very much so disagree! Any self-respecting ARK player would never call any creature better simply because of its health or damage output. There are so many other things that factor into what makes a dino good! For example, a lightning wyvern can beat out a wild giga even though it has much higher health and DPS. Why? the wyvern can fly and deal damage from afar, while the giga is grounded and can only deal damage at close range. the Mek and Reaper are what I chose because as near as I can figure, neither has an ability that the other cannot counter. For example, the mek has modules that can
  4. For sure! Think about all of the different Apex Drops... Megalania Toxin... Sarco Skins... Therizino Claws... the theri isn't even a predator, it's a herbivore. The theri is a funky one. It's a herbivore, but it has the mechanics of an Apex Predator. But it can't be! Because it's a herbivore! Maybe could we hear from a dev on this? Idk, is there a way to get their attention?
  5. I actually don't know. If it is, it sure doesn't deserve to be, kinda like the bloodstalker.
  6. these are all official classifications in game. It basically means nothing is going to attack it unless it attacks it first. and yes, thank you, the deinonychus is also an apex predator. And, XGiga, last I checked, tamed gigas do NOT deal bleed damage, and meks and reapers have higher health per level, although you can't level meks. Also, Ando is saying meks can do these things, although he's never actually witnessed them try- M.R.L.M can instantly wipe ARMIES. M.S.C.M. can deal 90k damage to struchtures tank very effectively against turrets. sword can wipe bases in o
  7. Which of these do you think is more powerful? Why? If you think there is a more powerful Apex Predator, then what is it? Apex Predators Giga, Rex, Spino, Yuty, Wyvern, Reaper, Rock Drake, Basilisk, Karkinos, Managarmr, Velonosaur, Bloodstalker, Magmasaur, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaur. (let me know if I missed any!) I prefer the Mek due to its versatility with its modules, but it can be a pain to maintain the modules with their durability dropping every time you remove them. And, of course, the Mek 'starves' without element.
  8. My tribe has been trying to get the massive artifact for quite awhile now, and every time we try, some glitch prevents us from doing it over and over. The first time our veteran caver went in with a 170 ish baryonyx, got the artifact, but on the way out, he clipped through the floor and died. Then I tried. I took a 225 iguanadon, but for some reason, there were hundereds of bats and spiders, and while I was running for the artifact, I fell through a bridge and died in lava, and the iggy was half fallen through, because I for some reason had gotten dismounted. He died to ~200 or so onyc, and th
  9. Yeah, all of the runs I have seen of that method were prepped in creative. Not to say it isn't possible, it most definitely is, but it is impractical.
  10. I own the server, but it's an xbox server, and I think that element drops customization is on STEAM only, and even then I'm pretty sure it was removed. Thanks for the help, we are doing a complete playthrough of the game, and The Island is going to be somewhat difficult map to maintain TEK Gear on.
  11. Recently my tribe and I have been wanting to set up an element farm on a dedicated world. One of my fellow tribe members claims that element drops are boosted on dedicated servers, and that the gamma Broodmother drops around 100. The wiki contradicts this, but does not specify if it is for singleplayer or not. What boss in your guys' opinion is the best to farm? It would be super helpful to us if you could clarify, because honestly I can't find anything else. Also, please check out my YouTube Channel! It's Alpha Ackbar. Happy Gaming and thanks, -Ackbar
  12. Me and a few of my tribemates are planning on fighting the Alpha Overseer in a month or so, and we are having this huge argument over what dinos we should take. I am making this post to see what you all think! My side of the argument is that we should use therizinos as our main attack dino, and use rexes to tank and clear the minions, along with allo support. (of course yuties are a given) and I was wondering if mammoths could be useful at all. His side of the argument, and for any of you that might watch my YouTube channel, this is Ando arguing this side, for those of you who do no
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