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  1. i know a lot of this was mythical and stuff but if you made it here thanks. I look forward to seeing other people's opinions and ideas as it all matter to me. PS i may not be able to quote a lot cuz im not a full member or something idk XD but thx for reading my thoughts, i wonder what everyone thinks about my ideas
  2. Yet some more creature ideas in the forums I'm going to get straight to it and write a list of my ideas, list your ideas too! I'll enjoy reading them A prehistoric squirrel that's rideable- can climb trees, can gather seeds, mid to late game, can jump, can bury gear for a set amount of time(like squirrels bury nuts), available on island and other free dlc's TLC for sabertooth ( I mean c'mon, everyone knows about them, we expected more)- size of thylacoleo, pounce attack on small creatures and can pounce on creatures like deinonychus( cuz those deadly fangs XD), a crouching mo
  3. @CeratosaurusGaming If you ever have another question then @ me just put @Kyler101. So for you I would suggest either a rathole or live off upload which means put your valuables and tames in upload by using a drop or obelisk. Watch out at obelisks because people will wait for you to come and then kill you and take ur stuff before u upload. A rathole is a hole in which you enter in the terrain(not meshing) and you can build in, not all are buildable on official. If you choose to live in a rathole than crystalisles is a good map for it because there are tons of them. If you go to the floating is
  4. @d1nkthats why i think flyers should be an endgame thing and harder to get, and i say this as a pvp player
  5. I want to see you make me that, bruh this game doesn't follow a lot of logical rules anyway lol. How about you make a game about evolving and survival. Make your dinosaurs perfect models. When you do tell me cuz i wanna play that. But nice job on your desc. P.S. a lot of pvpers wouldn't even know what the most real model is
  6. I hear the people on these asian servers are cracked at ARK, am i right??
  7. Hello Guys. I have been wondering about ark 2 and I suppose you have too. Feel free to write as much as you want, because I'm looking forward to reading it all! thx in advance
  8. I like ypur idea, and something to add thats cool could be : Bone Armor 10% melee damage increase and 15% resistance against arrows. what if flak armor looked more like a piece, instead of medieval armor
  9. @GigaSpinoits funny because people forget the EVOLVED part of the game
  10. I had the same ideas as you, i made a post about my ideas too
  11. Quick answer: I think there may be a specific biome with water . You guys know that water skiff thing I think it will be similar to that , I think this will be sort of more for beginners but also faster than a raft. IMO
  12. (Guys get a snack while you read this lol) So to start off, I'm going to use a game called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey for reference ( image below ). A game where your character starts as an ape walking on arms and legs, then you learn more skills and things to EVOLVE to human on 2 legs. I think they should focus more on the mechanics and things to fit survival and evolving. For example in the game I reference you can climb trees. That would be such a useful skill in Ark. If you were being chased by a pack of raptors you could run to a tree and climb up. Or say, instead of when you reach
  13. Dude, this would be a great idea. I need not say more.
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