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  1. ik exactly what you mean, when I was in a mega tribe we had huge caves to breed. Filled with gigas rexes, manas etc, but as a solo it really is different, and a lot of times you use other players to do your grinding and you raid them , if u can at least. Or ob campm either way
  2. being able to make trenches would be cool
  3. Kyler101

    Ideas for Ark 2

    My idea is to add things from SCUM and rust, now ik you could just play those instead of ark. I mean the hardcore survival part of these games, and add more mechanics for smaller tribes to gorilla warfare. I am kinda tired lol. I am looking forward to see you guys ideas. Im watching HOD scum videos and this game is a real survivor game hah
  4. haha it doesn't matter it's cool to me seeing as to how other ppl feel about things, and tbh the more the better to me haha
  5. yeah i feel like most ppl went from pvp to pve because of it
  6. haha, I have already done all that lol, just waiting to see if I'm found lol,
  7. lol, that used to be my problem,but now i go CI get a wyv , and if i ever see a mana fly up
  8. Hey! Just wondering what other people do when they start solo on official pvp. I play small tribes and currently am building up in a rathole. I know a lot of people dislike official but I don't and wonder what other people do. Looking forward to see you guys ideas/plans/strategies
  9. im late but yes breedable rock drakes , and maybe a little bit faster attack stronger too
  10. Wait, people use anky's and doedics to soak? Never heard of that
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