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  1. what I want is 1. Get rid of the admin system. 2. Make solo servers.
  2. Thanks really man. Thanks man. It took me over 1 hour. Thanks. I don't know what to say. Thanks have a nice day~:)
  3. Not working. I tried many methods, but I can't figure out. Would you tell me more specifically? I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks. I found it. But the embed code is not working. Do you know how to do it? Have a nice day.:)
  5. koreamedia


    Hunting Megapithecus
  6. I'm not sure. There is always only winners on the crunch post. I haven't seen any entry for the competition. Where do I get the instruction for the arkvideo entry?
  7. ArkVideo for Community Crunch. Video, Music, and Captions are all created by me. I love Ark Survival Evolved. Let's Evolved! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UVkK39dZRA
  8. Happy new year~~~ BTW, where can I put my video for contest?
  9. Alright it lasts for 30 mins, thanks. I'm wondering when this dodorex event ends. Do you know that? thanks.
  10. They might even be able to summon the elusive holiday-themed DodoRex to do their bidding for a limited time! ---------> What do you mean with "for a limited time"? Is it on going for a week or so? What is the exact day of finishing the dodorex summon event?? Thanks.
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