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  1. Well the problem is I've got a Epic version, so I cannot use mods without buying a Steam one. So it's not doable you say.
  2. Hey guys, i've created a dedi server via ASM and all is working great. The spawn overrides, loot crate overrides. So I managed to trun my Ragnarok into Aberration-Extinction mix by adding creatures from those DLCs, but as u can tell, there are things missing for a full emmersion. Most importantly, charge nodes and city terminals. I mean, I can customize my server code as i want, right? So why wouldn't be possible to add those somewhere in the map? Idk, like "spawn 10 city terminals at locations x,y; x2,y2, etc". There has to be SOME way, right? I've read all the game.ini possible commands
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