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  1. Is the new Ark Switch Ultimate Edition not available to purchase in the EU or more specifically UK and Ireland ? The announcements say its available in North America and EU and yet I see no option for me to purchase anything other than the old edition in the store.
  2. I was trying to avoid the magic earth/air/fire/water thought for that reason 🤣
  3. I can find it on the US webpage but struggling with finding the relevant UK page.
  4. Never mind a physical Ultimate Survivor Edition, I cant even find a digital version to order on the nintendo store or anywhere else. Can only find the older version. Is it just a case of buying the older version and its just automatic ?
  5. Always thought the Island trio should have been a trio of water, air and earth/ground, or something along those lines. I.e. you've gained mastery over land, air and sea. So a dragon, a water boss and one of the megapthicus or broodmother.
  6. Probably the Dragon on the Island. No matter how many times I do it, it fills me with dread every time. Always a challenge and the music is amazing. Also probably Moeder too, its great to do an underwater boss. Always wished that one of the bosses on the Island was an underwater boss.
  7. Have you actually installed the DLC ? I took in the update and stuppidly thought it was the map, and it wasnt. Go in to the steam page for the actually dlc and download it from there.
  8. Havent had much time as it dropped late last night here. Took in an update tried to fire up the map. Actually had to download the map as I suspespected I would lol, managed to get in. Tried mucking around with Nvidia Ansel as I do with every new map, but its currently telling me a supported game is need to use the feature which is weird.... Hopefully get to start a playthrough tonight on our cluster, after work. Havent decided on if am completely beach bobing it or not. Id prefer to beach bob it, but dont have much time with work.
  9. I know Nitrado are renowned for being unreliable, but the last few weeks have been something else. Maybe I am not looking in the right places, but they seem to be particularly quiet. Considering WC uses them for official ls too, am surprised I havent seen much mentioned.
  10. Am assuming all these issues people are complaining about are related to the ongoing issues at Nitrado ? Our Unofficial cluster has been unplayable for about 2 weeks now.
  11. Am almost tempted to get it just to see if my Switch would go nuclear attempting to play this lol.
  12. So many cool and game changing things in here. I look forward to seeing these things in game. Something that jumps out at me though is the breedable wyverns, and yet no mention of Rock drakes.
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