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  1. OK so I did yet another COMPLETE wipe and reinstall of the server. I can confirm that I can transfer items, and dinosaurs to the ark. Disconnect from server, connect on alternate server, and download my items. But our clustered servers still do not appear in the "Travel to another server" list. Additionally, the new directory for clusters is -clusterid=D3l1v3ryb01 -ClusterDirOverride="C:\Servers" There is NO "Clusters" folder, and no "D3l1v3ryb01" folder. So it seems the game is storing the shared data in some unknown location. I can't find it anywhere. It's not in the map folders, nowh
  2. yes, for some reason that's how Ark Server Manager (also discussing this there) sets up servers this way. Every time you add a new server, it get's it's own directory. And then when specifying (and overriding) the clusterdiroverride with your desired cluster, it creates it's own directory under the main ASM folder. Though, I've tested this entire process without the use of ASM and utilizing only the methods mentioned in this post but the results were identical; even when only having a single directory. I tested this by creating a folder on my desktop, downloading SteamCMD and "app_update
  3. All running on the same machine. AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor 4.10 GHz 32.0 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200Mhz ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8gb EVO GDDR6 Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD M.2 ST2000LX SATA 2TB WDS SATA 1TB
  4. Yes. Other players can see servers when I can see servers; or can't when I can't. But at no point do the servers within our own cluster display for any of us. Either random servers populate, or no population at all. Depending on the settings.
  5. You're explaining fine; I'm just exhausted and overlooking things. I copied and pasted your ini suggestions, but all this seems to do is give me a "No sessions found!" message when entering an Oblisk/Drop/Transmitter. Indeed all ports are forwarded on as the multihome address is.
  6. //SUMMARY// Very much so using Steam Version. In fact, I got ALL of my users to swap to Steam Version. [Run_Server.bat] start "KIN of Hera - Ragnarok" /abovenormal "C:\KINServer\ASM\Servers\RagnarokSave\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe" Ragnarok?listen?MultiHome= -ForceAllowCaveFlyers -EnableIdlePlayerKick -clusterid=D3l1v3ryb01 -ClusterDirOverride="C:\KINServer\ASM\Servers\Clusters" -NoTransferFromFiltering -UseBattlEye -forcerespawndinos -servergamelog -servergamelogincludetribelogs
  7. I looked into my router, it does have a firewall. I also checked DMZ, I had it enabled with my static IP. Attempting to disable now. The part that confuses us the most is that our servers can be seen, and accessed from the main menu; but not from the oblisk. And the oblisks are populating LOTS of servers now, so it just seems odd that it's working that way but only providing access via the main menu. Seems to obviously be a cluster communication issue but can't seem to pinpoint it. I'm working on trying a few things, as well as making a desktop display video going through
  8. I just gave Genesis a try utilizing 27017 but no change sadly. Yea ISP didn't mention any port blocking, as they told me I'd set up port forwarding correctly. I checked my Network Connections and I've got my static IP set to the same thing I've set it too on the router; and I've configured both my PC and the router network options to utilize DNS so it's really odd to me that there's any issues at all. @Pleinx I'll try your command line a bit later for sure, and get back to you. As for your statement about the ports; I had port forwarded for 3 different servers, and i
  9. Thanks for your response! I set "Custom Cross-ARK Data Transfer ClusterID" to \KINServer\ASM\clusters to reflect the change; excluding the drive as suggested. No change in status. While we can still see a populated server listed from an oblisk now, our servers are not a part of that list. I shut down servers, modified Custom Cross-ARK Data Transfer ClusterID to "\KINServer\ASM\clusters" including quotations also as you'd suggested; but unfortunately there was no visible change. Just a screenshot of the populated server list, something that previously by defining Custom Cross-ARK Data Tran
  10. Indeed, I did a fresh install to windows after getting my SSD and started from scratch. I've confirmed (pictured below) the Firewall should have all ports forwarded accurately. I'm again using Ark Server Manager for it's convenience, but it's doing everything it's supposed to according to the files I've inspected. I also just got off the phone with my ISP who had a supervisor look into it and they stated I'd set up port forwarding perfectly; so now I'm REALLY confused. EDIT: 1/13/2021 14:18 We were able to get the servers to show up by having external users add the servers to t
  11. Ok. So I just got word back. Turns out the ONLY server anyone of my family/friends can see is Ragnarok. But all the settings are identical excluding the port variations. i.e. Ragnarok (the one all can access) 7777-7778, 27015. Genesis is set up on 7779-7780, 27016. And as you can see from above, I've got all ports forwarded, but only Ragnarok is getting out there. LAN detects all servers, but only the 7777-7778,27015 server is getting out.
  12. Is this something that contacting my ISP may be able to resolve? I've run out of conclusions on this issue and honestly feel quite defeated. I'm not sure what my ISP could do for me, but it's the only thing I haven't tried.
  13. Yea. I reside in Nebraska while I've got family in as far as Idaho that join my server. I looked for NAT Loopback but don't see the option anywhere. I think I'd looked for it once before but wasn't finding it. According to the Browser tab when accessing my router, I'm using an Arris TR4400. EDIT: Ok, so I found the NAT settings and it is enabled. RoutedWithNAT, RoutedWithoutNAT, and Bridged are my options.
  14. I suppose that's a ray of sunlight in this dark experience. I just set up a static IP on both my router and my Server so hopefully I'll see some progress. I've got my entire family just waiting on me at this point. We've made a bunch of progress together but can't do anything because I keep shutting the server down to test modifications just trying to get this to work!
  15. Update: I installed a Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 drive today and added 16gb more of RAM. In doing so I decided to give the server a fresh attempt only this time WITHOUT Ark Service Manager. I've got all 3 servers up and running, but this issue persists. The only thing I've noticed is that for some odd reason while I've got the -clusteroverride directory set to C:\Users\delto\Desktop\KIN\steamapps\common\ARK Survival Evolved Dedicated Server\ShooterGame\Saved\clusters But whenever I launch the server it creates it's own directory here... C:\Users\delto\Desktop\KIN\steamapps\common
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