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  1. Did they ever fix the Official Beginner Servers so players could level again? Players were able to level to 44 max but the Gen2 update broke it. Then Wildcard ignored Beginner Servers like they meant so much nothing to them. Beginner servers will be wiped clean on all platforms on Aug 6th 1PM Pacific. Beginner servers are wiped periodically to help provide a fresh beginner experience for new players. Join by searching "Beginner" in the server browser!
  2. I hate the TEK tier it really divides the community into end game arrogant puff ups vs new players. Adding to the hostile better than you non-coop attitude this game exudes. TEK takes away from the dino caveman cooperation vibe. Makes Ark look like every space age game out there and there are a lot of space age games. More futurist games than primitive past culture. I have no problem with the cryopod's function but I hate the look of tek. I hate that tek hides behind a boss fight and isn't in the world proper. I hate those stupid supply drops. There is no reason to hunt around in c
  3. So you will get better performance and so it will be very different from Ark 1. site*
  4. Doesn't matter to me anymore. I quit. I'm not playing a game where gov will not respond to patron. Some people like the tek tier but I hated it. I think Primitive Plus Official Mod (lower right corner of your loading screen) was suppose to be for players like me but it never worked. I loved all the animals in this game but I hate the way at higher levels (tek tier) we all start going our separate ways. No one has anything in common anymore. I'm out.
  5. Yes it is relevant. The Beginner Servers are where the new players are coming to learn how to play the mmorpg part of Ark. The Genesis 2 area is where the old players are coming back from a hiatus. The old players are not bringing new players into the game. The old players have spent their money. This game is box to play. Box To Play That means those who bring money to the game are the new players. New players go to the beginner servers. New players talk to other players get them to come on and play ark with them. Sorry Gen2 has problems. But it is released now
  6. I don't care about Tek or Genesis or aliens or anything. Wildcard made BEGINNER SERVERS and have been treating these new players like something you poop on. Why would go out of the way to harass new players? Is there criminal developer? Someone implanted from another company on purpose attacking newbie players? If you do not want the Beginner Servers than make an announcement that you are closing them and creating new servers from them. Stop wasting everyone's money and time by not caring about what you have made!
  7. Can we get some feedback on the Beginner Servers?
  8. Are beginner servers still stuck at level 19? We cannot buy tranq arrows.
  9. See mods installing down in the lower right corner? This only activates when I open my Login Screen. There does not seem to be any other way to get this to activate that I know of. It is updating the mod. Working fine. No problems. But silly question can I leave this screen while it is updating and the mods still update? Takes a long time and I want to leave shut ark go do something else will they still update if I exit?
  10. Please stop ignoring the needs of the Beginner Servers Wildcard. We have had our level cap reduced from 44 to 19. We lost our chibi levels. We cannot open supply drops. We cannot tame pets. Our engrams are reduced to making thatch huts with stone implements only. There are no tranq arrows. We never got a wipe. We never got told why we did not get a wipe or if there would be future wipes.
  11. There is a problem for us on official beginner. We were 44 now we can only level up to 19.
  12. Your pc is sexy except for it's lacking in the ram a bit. You need at least 6GB of ram and 8GB is best. Idk if that is the problem with Ark for you or not but if you have a slot for ram it would not hurt to order some cheap ram sticks on Amazon snap them in there. In my pc there were two ram slots available so I put in 4GB into each to get the 8GB needed. Pay attention to size and model that work with your pc I wont do that research for you cause I had to already for myself and it was a pain in the backside. First time I tried ordered the wrong size was so sad. I think Newegg once had a
  13. We cannot make tanq arrows they are at level 21. We cannot tame anything on beginner server now. Not to mention we lost what advantage the chibi gave us. No one wants to go over to Genesis 2 reports of players getting perma stuck and loosing their characters. Please give us our level 44 back on beginner.
  14. Nevermind. I restarted my pc. Then I reinstalled Nvidia Geforce latest graphic card clean install and the resolution for 1920x1080 Fullscreen is back to the way it was before the update. It's not greatest but not bad as it was. It was not the update per say. I had switched to a smaller resolution because the update reset my settings. I needed to see a picture of my previous settings. I cannot get out of fullscreen windowed or windowed by clicking Windows Key since a while now after a win10 update. I have to go into windowed smaller resolution to be able to get to pc desktop to see
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