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  1. See I just can't justify full ticket price for a game with this many problems, and had I known it had this many problems, I wouldn't have gotten it. I figured after years of my friends asking me to get it, it would be in an acceptable state. Paying money for broken things simply is not ok, in any facet of life, not just video games. How people are ok with that, eludes me. Thanks for the workaround on the magmasaur nest bug. Such an easy dev fix. Shame.
  2. Seriously? It's been out 4 years, and started development 6 years ago and there are many aspects that still play like it's in beta. Does this game not receive updates? There are countless bugs, how is this acceptable? Every time a bug happens, you guys in the community just say "That's Ark!" or "Ark being Ark!", like what is that? You guys attempting to be funny? You guys trying to justify your games problems? You guys are enabling the developers the ignore the bugs. Do you guys not care about the health of this game? Or for Ark 2? Even if they have released patches with various bug fixes, it'
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