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  1. Everything you need to know is on the dossier, Basic Summary: Basically a harvesting creature and also a radio that can mimic voices on servers, I was also thinking this could be used for pvp to send into or near players, come back to you, and tell you what they said. I also want this creature to be added because the only rideable giant avian birds we have are the argy, the pelagornis, and the snowy owl pretty much, we also have no parrot dinosaurs and also no dinos from new zealand (this bird was native to new zealand). It also has a cool name so yeah that's pretty much it. Vote for this if you wanna see it in the game and play music in ur ark house with your friends and also play talking tom but on ark, have a nice day! How to tame it: They are passive tames, but they fly away once you've feeded them... so what can you do...? Grappling hooks! You will be able to grapple to flying Heras and passive feed them from there!
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