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  1. The server is completely unplayable at this point. its ben going on for ages and its worse than ever right now. tickets have been put in against the tribe thats doing it and still nothing. as we speak the server is crashing every 15 minutes
  2. This is ridiculous no matter how you look at it. I knocked out 6 150 x rock elementals and 2 145s. Only 1 of the 145s ate the kibble. What a giant waste of time. So much damn time.
  3. yeah I cant transfer between NA servers even. also ps4. i transferred to the server an hour or 2 prior and now im stuck there with a purple drop worth of loot lol i tried dropping everything in a vault, even my gear. tried dying. tried everything
  4. I'm currently stuck on an extinction server and cant get back to my main base or any other server. I tried joining multiple other servers but my character gets left behind. When I try to upload items it said item transfers were disabled.(something like that anyways)
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