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  1. Sot Is a great servers for new and experienced players we do pvp weekends events and sometimes the reward is a 50$ steam card We are looking to grow our community https://www.arksot.com/ for more info Thanks
  2. Sot a Soft Pvp Server Great For New And Experienced Players We Do Weekend Events Sometimes For Steam Gift Cards If You Win https://www.arksot.com/ For More Info
  3. Sot is a Fun server and different from other servers we do weekend events such as Pvp Events And Colored Wild Dino's we are a growing community looking for new and experienced players https://discord.gg/F8k8ENe9Cv Is Our Discord With Rules and More General Info Main Map Is Val As The Community Grows the more maps we will add We have an NPC mod thats really fun especially for players new to pvp We Have S+&AutoFarm Mod Come Join The Fun! Thanks
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