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  1. Does anyone play on the Crossark5 offline protection server? In this tribe now I always play solo, I'm not very accepted. I would find a tribe where teammates play together and have comunication.
  2. The server has returned, thank you.
  3. I sent a report 3 times in these 7 days and nothing, I don't know what to do, support doesn't help.
  4. Not only in the UK but all over Europe, since servers have been missing from the Epic Launcher list for a longer time, probably and then we will not be able to enter the servers where the characters are, so the event means nothing to me as a current event.
  5. Nice, only if I could log in to the server after 7 days it would be even nicer.
  6. I don't know what's happening anymore, there is no servers for 7 days in Epic launcher, in the patch notes it says that it is a version 320.31 in my game is 320.29. The last update was on the 18th, which didn't solve the problem, support isn't responding, really should give up this game, I was just buying dlcs for nothing.
  7. Ragnarok CrossArk5 is gone for 5 days, I'm done with this, if it doesn’t show up today I don’t care anymore, I have no intention of waiting or getting upset anymore becouse of this. If I had known I would never have bought any of this game, with each next update I need to think about what will screw up next. Support is a disaster, they are not interested in players at all, as I wrote I only regret that I bought it and that I spent 8 months on the game and now all will be demolish because they don't plan to solve this or write that they will solve it, I sent a report twice and they didn't answe
  8. These are visible maps for CrossArk5.
  9. I play on Epic Games in CrossArk5, Im in Ragnarok but the server is gone for four days. There are Crystal Isles, Extinction, Abberation, Genesis and after the update on 18th Valguero appeared, there are no other maps yet. I sent the report two days ago and today but no answer, I wrote on Twitter, on Discord but the same nothing, what I can do?
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