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  1. Right. I'm done. After almost 9K hours and loads of friends I met in this game. D.O.N.E. Ups but way more downs. Lost bps while transferring again. Servers still going down and not up as well. Tickets are being solved without a decent answer. This company will never learn how to NOT grab money and FIX those BLOODY servers. You guys are a big fail for years, this will never turn again. I left legacy 2 years ago, "officials are the way to go". Ye right. NOT. I just emptied all my cryofridges, ate all eggs and cleaned my vaults. There is nothi
  2. I did 3 days of gathering mats to make 124 gigasaddles (124 bp), 124 rexsaddle(with 119 bp) and wanted to build 2 MEKS mc ones, lvl 171 and 176. Finally i got enuff for bout 10 saddles of each and the 2 MEKs. Been sitting on those bps for months now. I travel to my mainserver, picked them up with a big smile. Run to my transmitter and jump to ext map to finally do some real crafting. I choose my bed next to repli, open up my inventory AND: no bps. gone. No cooldown, nor warning, just gone. Within seconds I get naked and travel back to my transmi
  3. Sadly, I lost 2 top MEKs bps, mastercraft ones today while transferring to another PvE server. Like last week, a 124 giga bp and a 119 rex bp. No warning, no cooldown on them. We can't transfer bps anymore? I missed that in patchnotes. I had them saved up for a "rainy day". Now thunderstorms sailed in...
  4. I always found it weird, meteorstorms can't get thru the shielded center of the map, YET CORRUPTED just walk or fly in.
  5. Nobody at WildCard will ever admit these, and LOADS more flaws on PvE. I doubt if this ever will be fixed. Like gas in forges for instance. This comes in pretty convenient when they need the servers for ARK2, i.o.w., never will be fixed. Just "shut up and give them more", buy ARK2 and fall for the same trick again. Or be wise.
  6. Another glorious event: -Servercrashes -Rubberbanding -Bases not loading in for minutes -Hardly event coloured dinos spawning. On some maps even wild dinos nowhere to be found for days (hard to raise babies without meat) -Disconnected without reason, more then once a day -Rollbacks each 1,5 hours at least once AND 15 mins back. Byebye babies, byebye armour and weapons, even byebye character for some players -Ping above 200, and that's been for the entire event. -TEK suit hardly usable -Manas and flyers have became hardly flyable It's the
  7. Your stuff will still be there when you log in. Whip it and you probably get it back. I'm more worried about the duration and the fact a patch comes during event.
  8. Ok, thanks for the replies. I will do some more searching.
  9. So, I was thinking after all the laggy EU servers, I might as well look on NA servers to see if thats a better option. I gave up after 3 days of travelling and hopping around on all of the PvE servers there are I think. All of them are 100% pillared, not a single spot is available. Isn't that against CoC? I went back to the ones I allready playing on, asked around and got an honest answer I guess. EU players are not welcome on those I'm told. We got our "own" servers. Does that mean we are not allowed to play on those as EU inhabitants? I'm a bit confused now.
  10. OMG, servers just keep on dropping. Not a single response to tickets. EU PvE Ext442 WildCard, you guys are becoming 1 big joke.
  11. "We are curious as to why our Xbox players have so many PvE deaths. Haha! " The "haha" did it. When you guys going to fix them servers or do active enforcement on mass pillaring/griefing? Ever thought about it WildCard, that your the ones killing the game for most PvE players at this stage?
  12. All fun aside guys, I feel sad for all players who cant stay up much longer to wait till servers come up. All these people where having an easy evening, in few hours some need to work or do other non game related stuff like RL. When they log in after all that, is there a failsafe of some sort so all will be safed?
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