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  1. Yeah it's an official server, at the time there was only us two on hah... I've sent a ticket off, I understand nothing will be done more than likely as they're terrible with helping people.
  2. I understand what you're saying, maybe Wildcard should fix their servers as it was the server that kicked us out and cost us the tames, not our connection or Internet. I understand now why people avoid official servers.
  3. Nope, we were the only ones on the server. We pressed start, the timer went down and then the loading in screen shows but we both got kicked to the lobby instantly. As soon as we loaded back in, everything was dead including us. We live in different houses and was nothing Internet related etc. Thanks for the responses though guys, I've submitted a ticket so hopefully will be resolved. My brother has pretty much quit until its resolved.
  4. Me and my brother spent weeks breeding level 400-450 rexes for a boss fight, we initiated the fight and then the game kicked us both out and we lost EVERYTHING!! what can be done about this cause we're at the point of uninstalling this stupid game!!
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