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  1. This, every time. I've been involved in a lot of big raids, and I wouldn't classify any of them as exciting. It's tedious work. Every single online raid we've done has featured the tribe we are raiding relentlessly trash-talking for being so slow. It definitely isn't exciting for them- they just get to sit back and watch us slowly disassemble their base. Also, we prefer to offline raid, for the reasons I've quoted above. It's not like we seek out times when the other tribes are offline, though- we raid when we're ready, whether they are online or offline, but we know that if they're online, we'll get nothing from the raid. Maybe some eggs if we're lucky.
  2. Doing any big tames in raw mutton seems pretty unsustainable. From what I understand, the sheep are incredibly hard to find, so farming wild mutton for the tame is really not an option. The only option, then, would be to become a shepherd and breed sheep for mutton. Since everyone here is denouncing the egg farms, and raising sheep for mutton is pretty much the same thing, except much more resource intensive, it seems pretty pointless.
  3. Because I have weeks to wait before I get the tek tier, and by then, like you've said, all of my competitors are going to know the answers to these questions as well.
  4. Also want to know this. Nobody has really made it clear how you obtain it after you kill the bosses.
  5. It does help, and also sounds quite miserable.
  6. Has anyone farmed any element on a server with vanilla settings yet? I'm curious to know how much element someone can expect to get from a boss. I also read that the amount of element you get from killing each boss scales with its difficulty- can anyone confirm?
  7. Someone want to give me an executive summary of what's going on?
  8. This. I'm from official, and the quality and quantity of BPs I pulled with an ascendant rod were absolutely insane.
  9. As far as I am aware, the only way to get the Manticore Helmet skin is by killing an Alpha Deathworm.
  10. I've lived on the same server for over a year now, and if I had to start over now, especially with something out of my control like a server wipe, 100% I would not return and do it again.
  11. They do. I guess the best defense would be assuming the battle ptera would have low weight and loading yourself up before you get into a fight.
  12. I've had people try to pick me with a ptera while on my wyvern, and as long as you aren't completely worthless as a pilot, you should never get picked. It's like the SR71 of tames- if someone is trying to pick me, I just turn around and sprint. Not a chance their ptera can catch me. I do agree that wyverns seem well-balanced, and they definitely lack in usefulness against well-defended bases, but in terms of tame vs. tame combat, they're not as bad as you set them up to be. Any air tame against another is always a mess.
  13. Uh...what is your definition of high level? 3 of our wyverns eat through Titanosaurs and wild gigas. If we were being lazy, it would take about 10 minutes maximum to kill a titan.
  14. I think I remember that odd German publication with an interview from a supposed WildCard dev predicted the next development. I remember I was quite dubious when I saw it because it looked like a kind of small-time publication with pretty big news for Ark- a week before the December update, they confirmed with a dev that the update would be delayed until January, and they were accurate. They also said that Tek Tier would be pushed back to January but would again be delayed until February. It won't surprise me in the least if this is true. I think the biggest problem is here is that they have a solvable problem that they're refusing to solve. They had to have known that Tek Tier wasn't going to launch last update at least a week before. I imagine they didn't say anything about it to boost their holiday sales and players, which is smart from a business point of view, but it made an already weary and vengeful community much more angry when they waited for the day of the update to announce that it was delayed.
  15. No problem. The game was still pretty young when I first dove in, and it was fairly daunting then, so I can't even imagine it now. I do agree with BigRed- if you want to try official servers, PvE can be a good environment to learn the basic mechanics of the game without risking too much. In the long run, especially with the things I've talked about on official PVP servers, I think it would be the best for your and your buddy to find a good private server. The only possible problem once you find a good server is that you will probably end up lacking the potentially brutal open PvP experience that officials can give, but small tribes starting to build up and learn now will get flattened pretty quickly on most PvP official servers. I'm assuming your on PC?