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  1. Achatinas

    Any recom on stats? I guess nothing really improves their funcionality beside skilling food for "not that often" feeding.. but not sure and cant find anything in wiki
  2. Loot tables changed?

    nice one - were there with a friend yesterday again.. 2x red, 1x yellow... 1x GPS 1x Silencer Addon and 1x Streight Wire Blueprint
  3. Hey guys - im a bid confused... My tribe is as often as possible farming the deep sea loot-crates and the two underwater caves. After returning to base we had stored all looted stuff into some vaults for gathering statistics. Since the last 1-2 Weeks the qualiti of the loot (especially with the deep sea loot-crates) has been massivly dropped! Sometimes we had some green wooden shields but then some high quality Quetz saddles - it was okay cause sometimes bullsh** but then some nice "fappening things".. All my tribe member noticed this but said nothing.. Accidently we came to this this point on ts.. Now the best and most quality is green, blue and sometimes purple (in deep sea crates) - In one week perma farmin we havn't looted any red or golden stuff.. Cave loot is still mostly mixed as always but noticeable more "crap things" So my question: Has anyone noticed this also or having this issue too? Or do anyone knows if this is connected to the general nerf (due to the Roid-thingy?).. Can't find any patch notes with this point.. Only those clamp things.. Or is just our loot-table on the server blown up? This is not a cry-thread - i just want to find any point where i can start my debug search and have an explanation for this. Im playing on a vanilla private server and we did not make any changes to the server config (besides the "normal" GameUserThing.ini //DayLightTime diff etc.) Thanks in advance