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  1. have you tried "cheat SetGlobalPause 1"? if it is really not workin try to use the "playersonly" command.. this one worked like 3 days ago and if your playing with your friends that should be ok..
  2. Sup guys, im currently a bit frustrated at the server fps of my ark cluster and tried to find any tweaks how to speed this up. Even with low numbers (15+ Players) the fps drops close to 10.. cpu usage is by 20% and ram.. well.. "not used" >70gb free.. Sadly i found only a few things (which you'll find below) and wanted to ask if anyone have other good ideas how improve the server or just some feedback. Current-Host-Detail: IntelXeon E5-2650 v4 / 96GB Ram / SSD + Sata III / 1GB Nic (fun fact.. ark never comes higher than 1.2 mbit/s) Current keep in mind list: -- FPS & max players -- - Use windows as OS (sounds funny but i tried the first cluster by using Centos 7.. on a single server with 8 ppl the machine almost giving up.. changed to windows and DILO.. everything worked fine) - Don't forget to set Perfomance-Mode: MAX - UseCache/UseAllAvailableCores/Stasis Keep Controllers/Use No Memory Bias -> all enabled (jeah more ressource usage but would be happy if ark would use more instead of nothing..) - Disable WebAlarms.. -- Lags during Farming-- - Dont use harvest multiplier.. try to avoid the global harvest multiplier.. instead of this enhance all item-based multiplier. - If you dont want to use this sollution above.. try the following: -- Enable Optimized Harvesting Health and Disable Clamp Ressource harvest Damage.. (Warning! Drop your Harvest Amount at least to half!!!) -- Enhance stability -- - Disable logging.. Sounds funny but yeah it worked.. my machine stopped every day and after disabled loggin it works now without issues - (Disable Rcon) - Not tried because i need it.. But heard that this will be the next step to enhance Jeah but thats sadly all.. Im still searching for any tweaks or even the stupid bottleneck.. The server got huge ressources free but won't use it.. any ideas?