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  1. Cloudflare bug, has anyone fixed it yet? What is it at all? How to fix it? Epic and steam don't run my game.
  2. I still can't log in, I updated the ip address with an internet service provider, but nothing ..... tickets are not answered, we don't get a fix. Is that why I put my money into the game?
  3. No one knows how to solve this problem? Unbelievable that there is no official description of the bug on the forum either..........what about this game? They don't even appreciate answering the ticket. I can't log in for 10 days, outrageous.
  4. I still can't log in ..... a couple of my gigs are already starving.)
  5. I recently bought the acessories and that's thanks. It was written back that they can't solve the problems started after the turkish event pach....it would be good if I could take the event out as soon as possible, because there are a lot of us unable to access servers, and everyone's base will be destroyed, their creatures will die.
  6. The error was not resolved on day 4. I play my epic game. I reinstalled my computer, including games, any existing updates, but nothing. 12/1/2020 it became like that after the new pach. Is anyone wearing similar shoes? Are you dealing with your fix? Probably my creatures will starve to death by time they correct the error.......if they correct it (Hungarian player)
  7. Does anyone have a problem like the one I have? Is this a global mistake now?
  8. Since monday i can't enter EU-PVE-official-Theisland750.....and may my creatures starve to death .(
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