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  1. can we get humans to breed in Ark 2, you think i mean we saw a kid
  2. yeah i read a comment half a year ago mentioning having a 1400% dmg Giga, I seriously had a hard time believing that. at best a 150 tame gave me 390-400+ % (i may be wrong, i think at best it was as low as 200+%) melee to start with. Gigas having probably the longest breeding times and the low stat gain, yeah I can't imagine how long that'd take
  3. I'm gonna admit it, I'm a casual player on Ark. I play singleplayer, with sped up times. I honestly cannot take the waiting. Half a day I could get about 5 stat mutations, and that's even with slomo 19 as an added measure. And I got to wonder, how long does it take for people playing on official rules. With the breeding time, hatch times, maturation times and the RNG, I imagine you guys and girls go through weeks. wouldn't be surprised if takes whole months. (The Rex for example in the gamepedia says about 5 hours hatch time, and at most 3 days 20 hours maturation) so at best every 4 days t
  4. oh so does the Giga immediately target you and not whatever was attacking it? I thought there'd be a window of opportunity to distance yourself from it while it's distracted with killing off surrounding dinos, kinda like in the wild
  5. Thanks all for the info, I had heard Giga spawns pretty common on Rag, but i was put off because of the huge size of the map.
  6. 1. How do you get these guys to spawn? Right now I'm looking for a pair on the volcanic island on the Center. I found a low level one before, killed it hoping to find a better level. But so far not one has reappeared. Do I just keep killing dinos till it spawns? 2. What level Giga do you aim for? Should I really be picky with levels? of course a max lvl150 is best, but Gigas rarely spawn and rarer still really high level ones and to further complicate things, the stats. 3. How concerned should i be about its rage? I know how the mechanic works, on paper but in actual play how easy
  7. I somewhat knew that was the case, obviously for balance there can never be 100% damage reduction. though I never knew about the actual numbers involved, I just thought more armor, the better But wow, saddles can actually go 400 armor? but i'm sure this depends on the dino that saddle belongs to. I've got a rex saddle that capped to close to 400% i know it's capped because I checked the crafting bonus 40%-30% bonus had no difference in value This i didn't know about saddle durability. They really oughta have had that reworked, I use my argent to craft items but I have blueprin
  8. Now I upload that pod to the island (Day 263) popped lester out as you can see the pod is at 16 days charge left, Lester just gained 70 levels Lester has exactly the same stats even the food is the same so this was immediately taken after unpodding if you can see down here i'm at the blue obelisk in the island's snow biome (the former is the center's blue obelisk if you can see the blue beam in the background) so you can be sure that it's a different map Edit: My XP multiplier is at default 1 btw so apparently 14 real world days in cryopod gives that much exp Hmm.. maybe i shoul
  9. Here is Lester, a fresh tamed level 20 lystro (+9 lvls post tame I tried to compress and cut this screenshot as much as I can coz of the darn file size limit but I left the important bits in The cryopod at 29d 23h charge and XP just at 2.2 points number of days (18 on The Center)
  10. Gotta be honest I completely overlooked this comment, but I seriously have to revisit it and you are absolutely right, I'm so noob not to notice it Durability is super important, maybe even slightly more so than actual armor/damage value. Coz see I compared 2 crafted Assault Rifles together 1st one had more damage around 220% and like 140 durabilty (costs 500+ poly) 2nd had 180% damage but 400 durabily (costs 800+ poly) and I noticed this with armor pieces too, more armor (but less dura) costs much less than lesser armor (but more dura) So I was like "cheaper to craft and more dama
  11. Just plain single player and on PC if they were high level dinos already then the added xp would be real hard to notice. those last 10 or so levels take forever to grind xp for normally but you should notice a drop in the cryopods durability
  12. it doesn't necessarily have to be a fresh tame from that map, just as long as you take a podded dino out of the obelisk put it back and upload again but yeah again, highly doubt it works on official. I don't play on servers so I can't test this there, or at least i'll have to spend another 18 actual days on a certain map before i can start gamers are really clever, if there's a way to exploit a game, they'd have been doing it by now
  13. Searching more about this, there are some posts from like 2 years ago that say "Do not transfer cryopoded dinos" coz it resets their level to 1 and lose their saddle but I think they've fixed this by now. Anyway whatever anyone has to add to this I wanna hear from you
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