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  1. Hey I've been looking for a tribe and this sounds perfect! Been playing since the Island. Havent been able to find a tribe that works together and shares the workload so i would love to join just PM me if interested.
  2. Been playing ark since the Island. Most of my play time has been on Ragnarock. I am a dedicated player mostly interest in taming and breeding. I prefer Rex and Spinos but will tame anything the tribe needs to advance and grow. I am an OK farmer just need some practice and I think I could be efficient. Would love to be in a dedicated tribe that will grow together!
  3. Hello! Experienced Ark player here, looking for a new DEDICATED tribe to play for. Dedicated to breeding and taming. I love taming Spinos and Rex, but will tame anything needed for the tribe to progress and expand. I have never went on a alpha raid before so will need some training on raid strategy, but have always wanted to assist in raids instead of just taming/breeding for raids. Hopefully I can be a fellow survivor in your tribe!
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