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  1. Ok. First off, duping only works if you successfully crash the server less than 15 minutes after uploading items. Second, 200+ ping does not usually indicate that on its own. That's something that can happen on any console server, especially during events. Especially if you log on to a server during a lag spike. Third, I don't think you know how DDOS works if you are talking about "apps". You either need to run a lot of accounts at a server at once via a group effort or botnet, or inject a lot of dense data for the server to try to make sense of at once from a few accounts. Plus this is someth
  2. It's not just them. Literally every flyer tame besides the moth and the Managarmr(technically classified as a flyer as part of its nerf) does it. From pelagornis to tropeognathus. And apparently it's across everything except Mobile.
  3. And if they were to stagger it by time zone then people from the other time zones would flood the servers to get extra, but end up crashing servers instead.
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