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  1. This is the bomb, worked like a charm for us.
  2. The items found on the ground- scarecrow, pumpkin and gravestones seem to be insanely rare compared to how many are needed to make items. Is this normal, or is there a secret for finding/farming them?
  3. Tried again today after v332.13 and the problem remains. Killed the Ice Titan with Meks, body and loot disappeared and no credit. Used the pistol to make sure we didn't harvest, no other wild creatures around. Was really in close- still no credit.
  4. Last time I did it, I was in melee with hit striking it with my Mek's sword. So I'm not sure about this. I'll give it another try even so.
  5. Well that's really bad news, I'm surprised I haven't seen more complaints about it. We've basically halted our game progression because of this. No sense doing boss fights when you don't get credit for them. And I've given up on Genesis as well due to the notes there not unlocking. Oh well, other games to play although I guess we can load the more extreme mods and hit unofficial maps for a bit.
  6. Well I guess that I'm the only person seeing this, so I won't waste time on a bug report and just live with it being broken for my server.
  7. Not beating the ice titan, that's all well and good. With getting credit for doing so? I've killed it three times now, and no hologram for doing so, my notes still show it as a blank. I'm on a unofficial server. None of the mods I'm running should touch the Ice Titan but I suppose one never knows.
  8. We're quite new players on our server, no mastercrafted fur anywhere to be found as of yet. Even worse, we have the ice wyvern bug with uncounted dozens of them either on that drop point or so close that I don't what to find out if they're far enough away. A true non-event for our server. They Devs don't care much for new players it seems.
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