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  1. Fox1

    Ice Titan Bugged

    This seems to be resolved with the v333.4 patch.
  2. Well... almost fixed. While I can now collect new glitches- the few I had collected previously before discovering the bug do not show in the notes. They do show in the count. So I have 6 visible in the 'Explorer Notes' Tab of the 10 that I've repair seen under 'Missions' Tab.
  3. I would never play on official servers, those are for hard core MMO players who enjoyed the... I use the words 'enhanced difficulty' and leave it at that. Do single player, or rent your own sever from https://arkservers.io/ (I can put that link in this post... right?) that you can adjusted in a huge number of ways to suit your play style right out of the box (taming times, dino growth times, etc. Dozens of options), and even add mods that change the entire behavior of the game. Then invite those players who you know won't try and ruin your experience. I play with my own family and h
  4. Fox1

    Ice Titan Bugged

    Been kill the Ice Titan after every patch. The body has been disappearing, no dossier credit is being given (still shows a locked, never saw the hologram). Previously it's been leaving a item cache behind but with loot rather different than the other titans (no mek modules, tek armor instead of blueprints for tek armor). Today with patch it v332.13 didn't even do that. This holding up our progression as we don't wish to advance on to the King Titan without knowing if we'll get dossier credit or not for it.
  5. It seems that the v332.11 may have solved my immediate problems. I can fix glitches and get the notes now. So, yippie!
  6. Tried again today after v332.13 and the problem remains. Killed the Ice Titan with Meks, body and loot disappeared and no credit. Used the pistol to make sure we didn't harvest, no other wild creatures around. Was really in close- still no credit.
  7. Last time I did it, I was in melee with hit striking it with my Mek's sword. So I'm not sure about this. I'll give it another try even so.
  8. I'm with you OP, this map has more in common with the non-canon DLCs than not (explorer notes being the one thing it has that makes it canon). Sadly, I bet there are no plans or reason for things to be improved with Ark II coming. I fear what we got is all we'll ever get now, including the bugs that will never be fixed. Mods can help a bit with the Phoenix, but only a bit and that's no help if you're on a vanilla server.
  9. I'm experiencing the same issue here for other areas including Genesis I. Also Boss dossiers for at least extinction are no longer updating after Genesis II.
  10. Really, we got higher level Mek blueprints by pushing the waves higher or at least it seemed that way. Too small of a sample size to tell really- how did you reach that conclusion?
  11. I'm seeing this problem as well. We've (my gaming group) have given up on Genesis as a result. This is a rather important part of the game to just leave hanging unfixed.
  12. Well that's really bad news, I'm surprised I haven't seen more complaints about it. We've basically halted our game progression because of this. No sense doing boss fights when you don't get credit for them. And I've given up on Genesis as well due to the notes there not unlocking. Oh well, other games to play although I guess we can load the more extreme mods and hit unofficial maps for a bit.
  13. Well I guess that I'm the only person seeing this, so I won't waste time on a bug report and just live with it being broken for my server.
  14. Not beating the ice titan, that's all well and good. With getting credit for doing so? I've killed it three times now, and no hologram for doing so, my notes still show it as a blank. I'm on a unofficial server. None of the mods I'm running should touch the Ice Titan but I suppose one never knows.
  15. That's why I specified my experience was on unofficial, the original post didn't say which he was worried about after all.
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