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  1. ok btw im 11 so i cant but i can try Nevemind i cant but ill play tomorrow or i have to lie i can choose either
  2. btw im not a newbie i know lots of stuff and have watched a lot of ark on youtube i even have 5 wyvern eggs and one wyvern on my world also ill be a breeder
  3. im not i never change them Also it changed when i fought Ice Wyverns it went from 4k damage one day to 1k the next. no it started at level 124 after i bred a level 100 and a level 201 wait i see mine had 7000% damage so i understand now thx!
  4. My Pteranodon one day it had 10k health a 4k damage the next day it had 4k health and 1k damage and i dunno whats wrong with it? plz tell me! Also its level was 197 and yes i leveled it up to that point.
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