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  1. Just started a new world (single player) cause I fancied a new beginning, and yep All hunt mission are still missing. Thats enough ARK for the next half year or something. Great Game, Wildcard Anyone here knows when this will finally be fixed, or is this issue simply abandoned?
  2. This is a rant as much as a bug report. For one, the hunt missions are still not accessable on singleplayer. Reinstalling, starting a new map have not changed that. PLS fix that sometime this year. But my bigger gripe is that, if the game crashes while loading into or out of a mission, upon restart it instakills the character and straight up deletes your inventory. No chance to retrieve anything, it‘s simply gone, never to be seen again. Can there please be sopme kind of workaround for that? Because honestly, ARK crashes at least 1 time for every 3-5 hours played, and continous
  3. Samsara

    Hunt Missions

    The patch notes from the 24.06.2021 claim that hunt missions are now enabled on console. Went to check it out after updating on my single player world, and nothing changed. Still can't access/see the specified missions. Edit: Did a complete reinstall, nothing changed. Come on Wildcard, get your poop together
  4. Hello, had a total of five crashes now after finishing a mission. After restart, the game always starts with the respawn screen as if I died. Everything in my inventory is always gone, no beacon to signalize my lost body. Also, all of the hunt missions are not present on the terminal/inventory to track. Hope this gets fixed soon. Edit: Also, what the F*** is up with the control of the Dolphin Missions??? And going on Missions apparently kills babies???
  5. I'm just loving it. The map looks beautiful in the hour I yeeted myself across. FPS mostly stable (PS4; minimum 20 so far, in general rather 26-30). Checked the new stuff out, the EXO mek is just perfect. Honestly I'm extremely positive surprised, compared to Gen1 the map is just so much better. Also, again the visuals are just stunning. Still going to wait for a PS5 before really starting out. I wanna enjoy this DLC to the fullest. Also, does anyone know if the EXO mek has a ranged attack, and how to activate it?
  6. Playing on PS4. So, how do I actually fire it? Got element in my inventory, even some different arrow types, figured out how to switch types on the fly, but for the life of me I can't seem to get it to fire. Thanks in advance NVM, it takes element shards as ammo
  7. on ps4 you have to hold square til a menu pops up. Ca. 1-2 seconds delay time between pressing and the popup
  8. Samsara

    UI Overhaul

    Hello, with the fast approaching end of the ARK story, I would love to see a simple UI overhaul like implementing an item wheel etc. One thing I would also like to have is the possibility to manually rebind the controls to different button. Thank you
  9. Hello, I thought about starting a play through on Aberration using P+. Upon checking various post etc., I was told that most of the endgame engrams (saddles and armor, especially hazard armor etc.) are missing. Has this been fixed/will this be fixed and how feasible is it that I am going to have fun?
  10. Hello, I think a great quality of life change would be the implementation of some kind of option to manipulate the chance of mutations during breeding. Because even with insane breeding rates mutation stacking can take a very long time. Thank you
  11. Hello, I recently started a new Singleplayer World on Extinction (PS4, currently on Day 19), and noticed that the Dome Shield in both Biomes is "broken", i.e. the outside world is visible. This effect moves with character movement. Any way to fix this without starting a new World? Thank you in advance. Edit: Furthermore, shortly after this, the framerate drops dramatically (from an average of 30 to 35 down to an average of 20) if the pov is towards the city from all across the map during around 04:00 to 08:00 and 19:00 to 22:00 in game time. Any help would be appreciat
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