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  1. im curently breeding megalosaurs on abberation SP and my females mating interval has incresed from 5 hours to 6,5 hours anyone know why this is happening
  2. okay thanks and i will dino wipe for sure gotta get all them tasty colors lol
  3. When i start ark it says that the turkey trail event is live but it dosent seem to work on my singleplayer does anyone know if it will start automaticly or do i have to do something for it to work on singleplayer
  4. okay so i put OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 in the gameusersettings (btw i also have Difficulty at 1.0 and dino count at 1.0) and after i did a wild dino wipe well now it feels like there are WAY more dinos then before (i had difficulty at 0.8 and didnt do anything in the files since im on singleplayer and didnt know how to get lvl 150s) just asking if anyone knows why this could be
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