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  1. i messed up the taming on a 140 basilisk and am wondering if there is any way to reset the taming efectiveness, thanks in advance.
  2. humer

    ARK 2!!

    Yeah i 100% agree im excited for ark 2 just hope it dosent remove core elements of the game oh yeah and would also love if i could transfer all my mutated creations from ark 1 to 2 lol
  3. whops im dumb was looking at mating iterval in the advanced settings and cuddle interval in the game.ini
  4. In my game.ini BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.004000 but in the advanced setings it says that the baby cuddle interval multiplier is on 0.005 also in my gameusersettings.ini there is no xp multiplier no harvest amount and few other things seem like they are missing Please help
  5. wouldn't that mean that they are 3 times easier? Either way i'm currently playing aberration so i'm just happy i can beat rockwell on the same difficulty as official without having to rent a server
  6. Are you sure tho that the island bosses are 9 times easier from what i think the code means the island bosses are 3 times easier
  7. No. i bellive that this means that the dragon, broodmother, megapithecus, and crystal wyvern queen are 3 times as easy compared to official, and all of the dlc bosses are the same as official, the overseer looks to be somewhere in between. obviously all of this is with singleplayer settings off beacause if you have them on your dinos are like double as OP. But i could of couse be wrong and the island bosses are 9 times weaker and dlc bosses 3 times but what i said above is just what i think those files mean
  8. are you sure that its not just on console because from what ive researched ive seen a few people say that the debuff on bosses is only on console SP, and i know that using Sp settings makes them easier, thats why i dont use them and i also have my difficulty offset at 1.0, and overrideofficialdifficulty on 5.0 which is the same as official i belive atleast, also can i transfer my current save file over to nitrado if so then i might
  9. I thought that ever since they added the use single player settings checkbox they removed the boss debuff since when you have single player settings on your dinos do WAY more dammage and have way more health
  10. Even when i have single player settings turned off?
  11. As the title says i would like to know if boss fights and general dino stats are going to be the same as official with my current settings (if they are not please tell me how to fix them) My rates Difficulty 1.0 Taming 1.0 Xp 1.0 Harvesting 1.5 (i know this is not the same as official but just want it slightly boosted) Single player settings Off Force max difficulty On Also put OverrideOfficialDifficulty = 5.0 in the gameusersettings.ini And have all my breeding rates boosted quite abit just because the game isnt running all the time and dont want t
  12. im curently breeding megalosaurs on abberation SP and my females mating interval has incresed from 5 hours to 6,5 hours anyone know why this is happening
  13. okay thanks and i will dino wipe for sure gotta get all them tasty colors lol
  14. When i start ark it says that the turkey trail event is live but it dosent seem to work on my singleplayer does anyone know if it will start automaticly or do i have to do something for it to work on singleplayer
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