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  1. you can tame and ride it but you cant acses its invintory and it disapears after the misson ends but i bet i could just spawn one in
  2. rage lasts about 20ish seconds last time i checked. if you dont mind going to rag there are usually 2 in the desert and 2 in the highlands if you fly between the 2 places you should be able tofind a high level pretty quickly. aim for a high level if your going to use that many tranqs and narcotics go for 130+. and it probably wont get enraged unless your fighting other gigas
  3. just wondering can i tame/ride brute dinos via force tame
  4. Just started caving I’m useing enforcer r n wanted to know what best creter to use is
  5. me and my friends are going to tame a titanosour soon. we plan on using rocket launchers instead of cannons is that a good idea
  6. we got 2 150 100 percent taming penguins male female got a 25 stack of melee mutations 10 stack of health leveled melee not sure if the health helped
  7. We just killed a Giga with 60 penguins only 8 survived now we hav a penguin named SLAYER OF GIGAS.
  8. i use high taming speed so i dont have to make kible grind for a indi forge as well
  9. Me and 2 friends play on a S P world on rag could we kill either of the easy bosses whith high tier guns and flak no tames for dameg
  10. whats the best dino to let the tuso grab while i give it black pearls
  11. Wyvern is my most used Dino get high level lightning wyvern and theri and anky and ur set but grifen and some cryo pods works well to get bary for caving and Rexs for boss and u don’t need another Dino ever agin
  12. make it so the male can block attacks with antlers and throw creators up to the size that a argentavis can pick up they would throw with antlers higher then the Gigantopithecus but not as far
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