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  1. Ci 884 Keeps crashing, everyone is too scared to leave their base because they dont know if they will be safe if the server goes down.
  2. When I'm in a hurry and need to drop my inventory it would be cool to drop everything but still keep things like ammo, spare kits, anything I don't want to drop. Have a tab between Inventory and crafting that says bag or something where everything can be stored.
  3. So for forges, fabricators, Chem bench's and so on have a compartment where you can put the fuel to run instead of just in the inventory. Wont make a big difference but i think it would be cool to have.
  4. i second this but also if they insist on keeping the missions to Character only each biome should be worth an extra level.
  5. Well the way i saw it was the corrosive spit is used to break down hard rocks like it does metal so yeah really it goes hand in hand and isnt that hard to put together. i watched what happened to the mantis when everyone started using them for element veins, they went from no one using them except for kibble for rock eles to everyone using them for veins on ext and now they are in trading discords. Just looking for a way to use the arthos the same way. unfortunately yes you do need a creature to do something for you otherwise no one will use it. Maybe you're right lets jus
  6. I pretty much disagree with everything you just said but am happy to discuss. arthros are already breedable so the comment about them already being strong doesn’t make sense, there’s a few dinos that gather and raid. Yes there are a lot of other dinos that don’t have uses that’s why there is a game suggestion to help improve the game so I’m sure other dinos can be made useful just got to work out how they would fit in. Gigas are used 80-90 percent of the time in Pve.
  7. At the moment there Is no need for pve players to tame and breed the arthoplueras, if the arthos could be the main harvester for the red element stones on Gen then the pve community would be engaged in breeding them. Maybe have the ankys not harvest as much element or not be able to harvest element. Could spin it as the arthos bite is needed to extract the element.
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