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  1. Ok thank you for that bit of information. I haven't looked at the beaver dams on any these maps since the glitch happened because I've been playing sparingly since then and I haven't needed cementing paste in a pretty long time. I'll take a look at those on each of the maps in question and see if any have spawned in. If none have spawned in and what you described is indeed the issue, is there any fix to this situation without just waiting for the devs to patch this?
  2. None of the Wyvern, Deinonychus, or Rock Drake nest spawns are working on any of the maps in single player. I've seen this issue personally on both Ragnarok and Valguero, and I've seen others discuss this issue occuring on Scorched Earth and Aberration as well. This is even occuring on modded maps such as Olympus. Everywhere that nests are supposed to spawn, the creatures themselves appear and work perfectly fine but the nests and eggs do not spawn at all. I have tried dozens of dino wipes, relogging, moving to another area of the map for a while to wait for the nests to spawn, changing and ev
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