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  1. Yeah I've threw it up in rules that if a player is found building in the boss fight it'll result in full tribe structure wipe, it's not going to be good enough tho. Appreciate the reply, hopefully I'll work something out
  2. Hey guys, so I'm a bit stumped.. People are able to build in the arena boss fight (Manticore, Gigantopithecus, Dragon) on my 20-slot Valguero Unofficial PC server, does anyone know how to stop this? They're able to place traps, turrets, transmitters & I don't know what to do. I've been told it's something to do with collision building but I need my settings how they are I just need something to override building in the boss fight? Please help I'm stuck as
  3. [OC] Aurora [FRESH] [Val] [6-Man] - Custom Drops - Insta-Tame - DemoCraft - StackMod - EasyCraft - Custom Boss Rewards - Infinite Weight https://discord.gg/PyzRA5bhuP
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