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  1. As someone who plays pve and has played a lot of sp with "near" official settings a wet nurse sounds pretty damn good. I don't need to steal anyone baby's to appreciate not having to monitor my own through juvenile.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was well into Dec 2 worldwide before the servers actually got their wipes. Suggests to me that it was more than our confusion as to what timezone the action was scheduled in.
  3. It has now been wiped. Nighttime of day 1 on 430
  4. With the beginner servers scheduled to wipe tomorrow, does anyone know what time that will be? Should I be expecting it 12:01 am EDT?
  5. All, With the limits on the beginner server I'm using my Ptera allot. One thing I've noted is a tendency for it to get caught in the body of wild dinos, particularly alphas such as carnos. As I'd like to use them to kite such creatures...... this is a rather undesirable trait that I have not noted is sp. Is this an artifact of lag? would turning graphics setting way down help?
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